Now Or Never – Incitement To Enjoy The Best Years Of

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“Exactly the correct reading for Christmas and winter leisure hours is the new magazine of the biz Publishing House now or never – incitement to enjoy the best years.” now or never! “is printed inciting beginnings in new rounds of life. The creators contact the triggers and decision makers for new stages of life: the female readers, women over 50, where the familiar major burden is largely history, are the children out of the House and the experience despite leaking a grandparent status not as old. The new life is reflected as an exciting new phase of the couple’s relationship, which provides almost-forgotten freedoms and promises time without end. The magazine addresses rather active enjoyment people readers in longtime couple relationships as singles in the best years with academic background, whose professional status is long resolved, that are financially well situated and look with confidence in the future in the future. It presents not only the beautiful sites and things in life (other), but offers the readers enjoyment opportunities.

The chapters follow the main themes: how lucky we are entitled to? What does style mean to us? What do we do in our time? What are values of length? About the biz Publisher:, The biz Verlag GmbH Berlin has since 1993 with the residents and the building of good houses. “” “In collaboration with the Axel Springer sales Hamburg he published in addition to now or never”, the thick German House book “, the magazine beautiful + green”and my beautiful zuhause3”, which appears six times in the years. The magazine my nice to hause3 “has the three elements in a folder merged with its appearance in the year 2000 for the first time, that naturally belong together: living, beautiful homes, beautiful gardens. Since November 2007, the Printangebot of the Publisher in the network will be continued. is the new online magazine, which discusses all facets to a beautiful home. The user can find suggestions for new, notes for proven and offers for innovative. At Apply questions: biz Verlag GmbH Tschaikowskistrr. 40-42 13156 Berlin your contact: Dr. Carola Sallmon Tel.: 030-437380 e-Mail: