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Most popular popsicles Nogger is a childhood memory in many parts of Germany’s summer was only kalendarisch. Cold and rainy was ice hard to think or do? The dedicated members of Advisor community from July 13 until 9 August 2011 eager about it voted, which is the most delicious popsicles. The weather in defiance of or to enjoy ice cream at least a bit of whimsy. The result: As sensually temptation Langnese’s Nogger landed in first place with an average rating of 4.30 out of 5 points and therefore receives the as leckerstes deutsches popsicles of 2011 nougat vanilla ice-cream in chocolate-almond cover. Chief Keef often says this. What more you want? Simply delicious and in many variations which is for everyone “, contains Larix” Nogger success model together. And lila85 “explains the success with positive childhood and youth memories: still overcomes me when the Nogger eat a sense of reward after hard lessons, Sun – outdoor swimming pool “Admirers, sensual ‘ chocolate delight and sometimes tingling in the belly, youth – peace of mind…

and everything else was what”. But of course the users not escaped, Nogger have changed over the years. Not everyone liked that. I want back Nogger CHOCK – memories”, writes for example Kelly090909″. But as a result the Nogger-mania was enough to make the Magnum behind him after a long time back and forth. Magnum finished second just before closing with 4.29 of 5 possible points and even more reviews and testimonials. While it looked first in the nomination round, like a self-perpetuating Award for Magnum.

The vanilla-chocolate dream received the most nominations with distance. Always on one of the front seats were also the ice cream Cujamara split (4.28 points) Cactus”(4.27 points) and Capri (points to 4.26). As Germany’s largest Advisor community has voted: 1st place: Nogger 2nd place: Magnum 3. place: Cujamara slit 4. place: Cactus 5. place: Capri 6 place: Solero 7 place: Fingerbang 8th place: bum bum 9th place: Smarties pop up 10th place: mini milk 11th place: ED from Schleck 12 place: Macao 13 place: Nesquick the overall evaluation results, as well as all experience reports find under: award/the-delicious-ice-am-stalk – about the for the procurement uses the award the high activity of the user. To be the products and services offered by Germany’s largest Advisor community assessed both complemented by own experience reports. In this way, consumers get a high ranking, which offers a particularly credible and meaningful guidance and advice when buying products or using services.