Original Body

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Osho invites us to observe in depth the contents of the mind. Then we will make us aware of the origin; then we go into the origin. It is awesome, because everything you’ve known as oneself, will die. It is a fact certain that we have a death, a personality, everything will die, because personality, identity, ego, all are in the dust, the dust accumulated around of your being. Only be remain without name and form.

And this sutra says that this is the preparatory bathroom. Only now you’re able to enter, and so far just push yourself. At the moment in which you are purified in the instant that you’ve crossed this bathroom, the instant in which the karmas have dissolved, you need not already make no effort. The desire is related to life, but life may also lack of desires. But then life itself becomes impossible. If all desires vanish, then the body cannot continue already more because the body is just an instrument for wishes see grocery stores…

Biologists say now that we have developed the senses because of the desires, and that if you could want persistently, the body would develop new senses. That have eyes is due only to the wishes. Usually, we believe that it is because we have eyes by what we see. No! Biologists say that since there is a desire to see, the eyes are developed. If the desire to see isn’t there, the eyes disappear. Whole body exists due to desires. Krishnamurti points us, we are a result of the past, and to build upon him without understanding it, provoking disaster. The mind, which is a result, a composite, fails to understand what isn’t made up of fragments, which lacks cause and is independent of time. Any belief necessarily belongs to the past, to created; and it constitutes an impediment to the experimentation of the real thing. When thinking? feel is anchored, in a State of dependence, the understanding of the real thing is impossible. There has to be a frank and serene liberation from the past, a spontaneous flood of silence; only under such conditions can flourish that which is real. Our thinking and feeling indicates Krishnamurti, are corrupted by greed, by the corrosive waves of memory. Only a State of awareness alerts and deep puts an end to this absorbing process of the past. Greed, like pleasure, always limited and singularises it. And how thinking born of greed would understand what is immeasurable? What ye are, la is the world: If you are cruel, sensual, ignorant, greedy; so shall the world. Your belief in God, or your disbelief in its regard, mean very little. Ye shall only with your thoughts, feelings and actions, indeed, do the world a terrible, cruel, barbarous thing, or a place of peace, compassion and wisdom… (will continue II/II) Original author and source of the article.