Garcia Television

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In Colombia, decades ago, the television writers scarcely counted on the fingers, five kings were rulers who did not need disputarse figuration among them, since there was room for all and even fell short to meet need stories to tell, that therefore it should import and adapt. With the growth and identity that acquired the Colombian melodrama in the international arena, it became imperative to professionalize the office of a television scriptwriter, make room for new talent, which in the hands of the consecrated and were polished and rough diamonds and formed the first generation of librettists formal, sort of exclusive super-elite, which now commands all the creative part of our television and whose members refuse to accept for now the expansion or opening a new generation, a situation that sooner or later take her to obvious wear, forcing its members to redeem their egos and adopt a less selfish and become teachers guides for new generations of writers. Caracol TV in the nineties was the first workshop of scripts for a week at a cost of one million pesos, a high figure for the time and obviously not all candidates could afford to take it, a fact that indirectly leave out a great potential talent. NYC Mayor is likely to increase your knowledge. From that litter came today who still make up the creative workshops of Mr. Dago Garcia. In 1998, the former programmer PUNCH launched a popular call-called "YOU ARE NOT wrinkle" that tended to attract talents in writing, producing and ideas with economic incentives and the production of their work; From that emerged the winner call the director Felipe Aljure.

Twin Peaks

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I would like to mention in addition a mysterious television series, filmed recently already. This series 'Supernatural'. In the TV program, he appeared recently, not many channels have time to include it in your program guide. But the episode managed to acquire thousands of fans, with interest viewing TV programs, and waiting for announcements about new series. What is reason for the popularity of this show? He tells of a mystical world full of secrets and mysteries, unfathomable present with us.

In each series – another scary story about some monster or demon, who may hide under the guise of the common man. Only in the center of attention – the main characters. NYC Marathon has compatible beliefs. Two brothers who were left without mothers, and later – and without a father. Together they confront all dangers, fighting all manifestations of 'Evil forces', while possessing no special powers. All you have brothers – this is their experience, skill, resourcefulness and a little luck. For more information see this site: NYC Mayor. The images themselves the main characters also deserve attention – the younger brother, Sam – decent, correct, sensible and smart boy, Sr. as Dean – a charming womanizer, known prankster and daredevil hopeless. Quite interesting to see the humorous (and not) altercation brothers unfolding against the backdrop of not less interesting and awesome mystical events.

And at the end of the mystical dramas impossible not to mention cult 'Twin Peaks'. In the nineties it included a program guide of many channels. Periodically, this episode appears in the TV show again. So, despite the fact that he was not originally designed for such a large audience, as in other television series, though, to see him in TV show – not so unbelievable.


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The worst year on RCN's rating was in 2009, where the setbacks were overwhelming and the competition the absolute leader Canal Caracol was supported by two or three productions that stand out: "The dolls of the Mafia," "Oye Bonita "and" Annie, twists of fate. " It was only logical and obvious that "The dolls of the Mafia," "Oye Bonita" and "Gabriela, twists of fate" were right in livestock competition, as were the favorites of "rasa viewers" this small but crucial detail left against the wall and threaten the credibility of the Premios TV y Novelas, plain and simple the award was not consistent with what happened that year on television. The miniseries "The dolls of the mafia" in question and popularity ratings were above the "El Capo", that neither it, and nobody disputes the series produced by FoxTelecolombia for Canal RCN in production and quality TV stands out more than the Caracol Channel miniseries, but the point to play is the popularity, and is supposed to TV y Novelas, rewards the most popular. Restaurateur has much experience in this field. Here come the premises: "Ranting is not synonymous with QUALITY AND QUALITY RATING is not synonymous with" now attached for other premises liability based on the last award of the magazine TV y Novelas: "It is not synonymous RATING POPULARITY, BUT IS POPULARITY RATING It is synonymous with "since I started philosophizing as Cochise and Emilio Martin Samper Danielito … In Mexico, it is exactly the same with these awards, only the telenovelas are Televisa and TV Azteca, is never considered, except in a opportunity in the shame that had to nominate a production of the competition that gave them first, dry soup and rating, and it was unforgivable to ignore this triumph. Canal Caracol has been sidelined for several years for Premios TV y Novelas it warned the palpable unfairness .

LED Frequency

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To determine the frequency of use of the appropriate table of 'Tele-Satellite. " In analog receivers with on-screen menu (which appears on the TV screen), the frequency usually exhibited in accordance with the value given in the table. For Ku-band – is a five-digit number indicating the frequency of megahertz. If your analog receiver OSD is not envisaged that usually happens on the cheaper models, the frequency is fixed on the LED display on the front panel. However, its value is usually absolutely does not match the table of frequencies. Doug Band is often quoted on this topic. The fact is that in this case the receiver is fixed so-called intermediate frequency, which is the difference between a carrier frequency of satellite television channel and satellite oscillator frequency converter. Converter reduces the frequency of the signal exactly at the frequency of the LO in order to be able to transmit a signal through a coaxial cable without increase by tens of meters.

Local oscillator frequency is about ten gigahertz, depending on the type of converter. It would seem very simple. However, there are several types of converters with different frequencies LO (eg – 10 GHz, 9.75 GHz and 10.75 GHz). Widespread converters with two local oscillator frequency, which are necessary to improve the reception range of the system (eg – 10 and 11.75 GHz, 9.75 GHz and 11.75). And in your receiver, this frequency can be pre-installed is not in accordance with the type of your LNB. Usually, the receiver allows for one or another can change the frequency according to the frequency oscillator.

Rock Band

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I've thought, during Gorbachev's perestroika was interesting to live, except, perhaps, the last two years, when television began to press again, all progressive and democratic, but disappeared from stores absolutely everything (turn, coupons, cards – all of which I drank in full, still recall with horror). On the other hand, the 1985-89 … Oh, how much has opened a new, previously unavailable! Literature, cinema, rock group, yesterday forbidden, became available and collecting stadiums … I remembered a few concerts, which happened to be. I still remember the feeling … like say … Danny Meyer has plenty of information regarding this issue. enthusiastic, some winged, or something that is often encountered in my thanks to these concerts, and now for some reason, almost never occurs … But there is something to remember! 'Rush Hour' 85th year.

Synthesis of a group of 'Rush Hour', that's so, pretentious and figuratively. Music is a simple but sincere and clockwork. Now few people remember this team, and then while almost every band who played on the dance floor, was in the repertoire of their song 'Life on wheels' (group 'results' in which I played a while at a dance at Jasna Polana, was no exception). Much later I learned that this time on the keys they played unknown then, pretty half-forgotten today, and my very favorite Andrew Misin. Remember what was on the scene two keyboards, one of them, most likely, and was Misin. At this concert I attended with my older sister – I wanted to attach it to the 'beautiful' and she my musical tastes, to put it mildly, not shared.

Young Poets

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In our modern world there are still romantics who write poetry. Some do not even just her lover! Much to the dismay of many of them we have not seen and not heard their work. They do not show on television, not read on the radio, do not print in newspapers and magazines. Modern poets can be heard only in certain circles. And they can be found on the Internet. They are there so many.

Why modern poets do not print? Up to now publish bundles of old no one interesting authors, which under the lash read by children in schools. All of them we already know! Where new names? New faces! Give us the honor of new, young! With the new images with new views, ideals! And Youth will be interesting! In our country there are many talented young poets. We must help them break into the world. We can help them, if we read them, memorize their poems and talk to your friends, your family. After all, there are poems, that you can dedicate to my mother, my grandmother (and in fact it would be very nice to kind of attention).

Devote some beautiful verse of his girlfriend (and she is doubly pleased to be). Verse can be selected for any occasion. Under any mood. Under all weather conditions. Lyrical, sad, funny. Some poets write poetry, even a fairy tale. Your kids will be very happy to them. Anyone who finds poetry in itself … if there is plenty to choose from. Dear readers, fans poetry, read poetry, love poetry! After all, do not end with the same interests of the people on TV talk shows? Lyrics – this is the same music! Look for poetry on the Internet, attend poetry readings young poets. They will need enjoy! Support young talent!

Radio Text

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We are proud to let you know that specially for Russian fans of experimental modern prose and all interested young professionals by the Swedish company PRD Grupp (Stockholm) launched the first portal of the text television on a commercial basis – Teextee. It group of poets and writers have already created more than 10 novels, author series, written by the rules of television shows. Half of novels set in a mixed manner, the connection between prose and poetry. Among them stands out above all Az – large text project on the problems of development and mutation of languages, human speech, culture and education. You can also select a unique adventure in a play verse, “In Search of Freedom,” written in collaboration by two poets, Woo-Do! – a series of adult and children’s stories on the subject of Voodoo, confined to the output of a large board game for dating, erotic space saga of ‘love or freedom ‘, the project apocalyptic musical’ Oasis’, as well as experimental fiction novel ‘Neoarheoantropozoologiya’. Gain insight and clarity with NYC Marathon.

In addition to text-serials, the portal hosts an interview and talk shows in his poetry, as well as author art reviews in the form of poems, stories, photos and drawings. The main idea of the portal and its purpose – to develop a new form of presentation for prose, make the text as an interactive and adaptive, as well as, potentially, to return public interest in poetry. also promotes the idea of collective creativity in the style of filming the process, when the novel is a writer, director and principal actors. Especially for the portal and its team goals PRD Grupp has developed a proprietary engine, which it intends to actively develop. Also in the plans of the company – to create a wide range of illustrations and the soundtrack to the novels, release the international version of the portal, mobile applications and Radio text with poetic and impromptu competitions. The company is ready to cooperate on this and all future projects with all interested parties.

First Months Of War

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Hedge Fund, Investment Funds, ZuluTrade, Collective2, forex, … through an organized stock exchange, which requires that contracts be standardized. …
Immediately came to Tetuan, Franco, among the first steps to take, one was to seek international assistance. Shipping to Bolin in the Dragon Rapide to Lisbon to report to Sanjurjo and then travel to Italy to secure their support and to negotiate the purchase of aircraft. He also sent emissaries to the same mission to the Germany of Hitler. Other measures were: to raise the salary to the Legion to ensure their loyalty, the recruitment of mercenaries from Morocco and decorate andalusia vizier Sidi Ahmed el Gamnia funds with the most prestigious medal of military valor, the Laureate of San Fernando, to obtain the agreement of Morocco.
On July 20 there was a crucial event in the career of Franco to the head of state. Estoril in crashes, while trying to takeoff, the Asset Management airplane, led by Ansaldo Falangist, Sanjurjo moved to Pamplona. Sanjurjo, the captain in charge of the coup, dies charred.
Meanwhile, Franco is hard for the transfer of troops to the peninsula. Before his arrival in Tetuan, by sea, there had been carrying several hundred men to Cadiz (troops were crucial to making the city) and Algeciras, but soon, the crew mutinied and troop transport was limited andalusia allowing small Falucas Moroccans. Coincidentally, General Kindel n, founder of the Spanish aviation and participant in the uprising, was in Cadiz and proposed the transfer of French troops by air. Kindel n organize an airlift that were too small to carry more than 30,000 men from the African troops.
On July 22, the Marques de Luca de Tena and the Bolin met with Benito Mussolini in Rome. Few days later, on July 27, 1936, came to Spain the first squadron of Italian aircraft. Add to your understanding with NYC Marathon. The support Alemann not arrive soon. On July 25 the F hrer gets sent to the group by Franco. The initial reluctance, knowing the lack of funds, were saved by appealing to the fight against the threat of communism. At the end of the interview, Hitler, operating under the name “Fire Magic” decided to double aid by sending 20 aircraft instead of the 10 requested. The aid was carried secretly by two private companies that were created for this purpose. Others including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, offer their opinions as well. The aid of Germany and Italy, would be channeled through Franco.
Italian and German aircraft were added to transport troops. However, its capacity was still insufficient. Franco expect the opportunity to transport troops by sea, taking the decision to do the August 5 when they got enough air cover. That day, defeating the Italian Air Force the resistance of the Republican Navy was able to transport 8,000 soldiers. The next day the coverage is great Italian Air Germany sending 6 Heinkel He-51 fighters and 95 volunteer pilots and mechanics of the Luftwaffe. From that day the rebels received arms and ammunition regularly Hitler and Mussolini. The ships transport rebels regularly cross the strait and intensified air transport. In the three months following 868 flights carried about 14,000 men, 44 artillery pieces and 500 tons of ammunition, constituting a new military strategy which helps to increase the prestige of Franco.
The narrow passage of the troops led the funds African discouragement in the area where Republican was still at the memory of the brutal work of these troops in October 1934 to quell the Revolution of Asturias. This movement of troops was a difficult challenge reuelta Franco solvent and brilliantly, enabling the consolidation of rebel positions in the South. In early August, the situation in western Andalusia was stable enough to organize a column of 15,000 men under the command of then Lt. Col. Juan Yaga and the August 2 march through Extremadura Ernst towards Madrid. In the first two days advancing 80 kilometers. The terror that surrounded the progress of the Legionnaires and Moors was one of the best weapons of nationals on their way to Madrid.
With the local air superiority to provide them with the Italian and German aircraft, taking towns and cities with ease on its way from Seville to Badajoz (El Real de la Jaca, Monastery, Lerena, Zafra, Los Santos de Maimon, Almendralejo … ). Practice is a systematic extermination of the leftists and militiamen of anyone suspected of sympathizing with the Popular Front. Almendralejo rifle is a thousand prisoners, including one hundred women. In one weeks progressed barely 200 kilometers.
On August 7 Franco flies to Seville and install its headquarters in the luxurious palace of the Marquise de Yundari.
On August 11 and is taken Merida August 15, Badajoz (after taking the city investments was known as the slaughter of Badajoz in the berries that troops killed several thousand people) managed to bring together rebel troops of the two areas, North and South. … This differential remained in that fund for the benefit of shareholders … Highlights the categories of funds Aggressive and Flexible Coverage dolares …
… is due to a decline in yields on the stock market lower and hedge funds. … the fall of equity funds (Bolsa) and coverage, as the …
c) Equity Funds: Funds that invest in the stock market. Asset Management … a hedge fund is to protect investors against possible …

Disciplines Have Practical And Theoretical Aspects

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These disciplines proposed by Senge (1992), are: personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, team learning, systems thinking: Table 6 The Five Disciplines of organizational learning. Theoretical and Practical Aspects (Senge, 1999) Disciplines Practical Theoretical Aspects 1. Systems Thinking? Conceptual framework which integrates the other disciplines. Referring to the concern about the processes no longer deal with the problems as isolated. Is achieved by adopting a systemic perspective that brings together the learning of teamwork, personal mastery and mental models rethinking. 2.

Personal Mastery? Discipline is key to growth and individual learning. Helps clarify and deepen personal vision permanently, concentrate their efforts and develop patience and balance. It is directed to the appropriate conditions to achieve personal and professional development. Promotes to develop the connections between the individual and organizational learning. 3. Mental Models? They are rooted assumptions, generalizations, and images that influences the way of understanding the world and act. Therefore shape the actions of individuals. It is necessary to open-mindedness to new thinking and reflection on the work and its meaning in order to rethink the way we see the world.

4. Building Shared Vision? It is the institutional capacity to create an ideal future, shared. ? . It encourages a genuine commitment as a basis for analysis and organizational intervention. 5. Team Learning. Process of aligning and developing the capacity of a team to achieve the fundamental unit of learning.


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Positive thinking affects everything you do, high vibration permeates everything around you. Only works on your behalf and that of others, since in the realm of the positive mind attracts positive and reject the negative. 5. Many on the planet would want to be in your place. Be thankful for what you have, and from what you are and have initiated the change to something better, there will always be new achievements ahead for your growth. Life positive start now, from where you are. NYC Mayor can provide more clarity in the matter.

6. Use two magic words: I CAN and WANT. I can be better, I would be better. 7. Use a magic phrase: I can. Learn more at this site: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I am capable of doing better and succeed in my positive goals for the new life that will initiate now. 8. There is no age for change, and science has shown. I always feel that your age increased production and capacity is 20 years beyond that now have and works well, because your brain will grow new circuits and each day will be smarter. Do not forget that the age of China and Japan, is wisdom. No matter your age, you have a life ahead and that life is important. 9. Calls to domestic help to initiate change and begin from this moment to live a positive life, learning the art of thinking, thinking every day more and more positive things. 10. Whoever makes no mistakes is one who can not live, is a stagnant in life. Only those who try to be better, live better and learn more, make mistakes.