What Is A Podcast

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What is a podcast? The concept emerged that the company shortly after Apple made the successful official launch of its digital audio player known as the iPod, which not only was well received by users of computers that Apple also produced, but which later was also welcomed by many PC users, having made public its compactness other operating systems to Mac OS, the operating system of Apple led its founder Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs returned to win over crowds with his revolutionary idea and as he himself mentioned in the official product announcement, Apple was doing exactly what Sony did with the Walkman but adapted to the digital age and then bundled with a series of products that arise around the ipod such as the iTunes media player which works perfectly in the beginning with the ipod and was subsequently implemented its compactness with other operating systems. On Itunes was possible to create the first virtual platform history upon which you can buy and play music or enjoy numerous podcast programs, and some pay some free but many with large information content. NYC Mayor addresses the importance of the matter here. The latter phenomenon, the podcast has become a new channel of information in even because they are valuable educational podcasts with which individuals can learn or be aware of the advances of technology without more effort than one subscribe time and let the system synchronize your data. Podcasts hand ipod and itunes changed the format, live and direct from radio to mp3 to make it portable and accessible. Subscribing to a podcast is sensilla just have to find a podcast directory where you can find thousands after typing in your favorite search engine the text string “podcast directory.” Once you locate the directory you choose the program to your liking, you listen and you subscribe if you like.. Shimmie horn may find this interesting as well.

Digital Contact

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Customer care increasingly shifts in social media: the right strategy helps businesses to use interactive contact center for their success. (ex Palas – Frankfurt am Main) Twitter, Facebook or the own Firmenblog: Social media is now ubiquitous and indispensable part of modern business communication. More and more customers rely on the direct dialogue via the Internet, to learn to seek advice or to complain. A professional social media contact center can help companies to use their customer’s contact request and unobtrusive to influence decision-making processes. The dynamism and variety of social media channels makes it difficult today companies, to get an overview of their effect on the social networks. Potentials are given away, communication channels are not used or handled inflexible. Digital service engineering is a new, effective way for a direct link to the customer.

Target group-oriented communication, which seeks dialogue with the customer and to the right Arrives at the right place, eliminating rigid concepts. A flexible, Adaptive integration of social media contact centers into existing corporate structures as internal or external business unit offers maximum freedom in dealing with the social networks. Traditional call centers and even the communication by E-Mail be replaced increasingly by Digital customer center with interactive presentation and customer-close community service. For more clarity and thought, follow up with shimmie horn and gain more knowledge.. An efficient service architecture, the social media customer dialogues as well as distribution processes into the existing call – and contact center operation can be a very effective alternative to older models of communication. Permanent accessibility, speed of response and reliable processing of requests are added values, which today have a crucial importance for customers. In return, companies in the contact center offers dialogue, criticism constructively dealing with the chance and to incorporate suggestions from customers targeted in the own company policy. Rudy Giuliani may help you with your research.

Social media CRM offers the possibility to be at first closer to the customers. Ex Palas, the social media contact center from Frankfurt am Main, bridges traditional customer care (CRM) and social media marketing it. Help ex Palas companies to tap into important sales and service potential and to leverage and helps customers to improve their reputation, as well as to increase the individual placement and visibility of brands and products. S CRM can it easily be integrated into existing structures and procedures and allows flexible reactions on the latest social media communication challenges. Flexible contact center communications for companies and agencies in social media: company description ex Palas is the driving organ for the integration of social networks in the sales-oriented customer loyalty. As the spearhead of a competence team helps its clients to attract new sales potentials ex Palas, realized social media friendly service processes as well as the sustainable building digital Reputation. Ex Palas supports to appear, where your solutions and information are needed there and established efficient and measurable service and sales processes through a combination of classical customer management (CRM) and social media marketing. Company contact: ex Palas UG (haftungsbeschrankt) F. Alexander Kep sand 61, 60316 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Tel: + 49-69-71670771 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: awen N.B.S.

A Necessary Change

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The global energy model is changing gradually. Renewable energies are becoming stronger. Research and development of new wind turbines has promoted more efficient wind power as an effective alternative to fossil fuels. Many writers such as shimmie horn triumph hotels offer more in-depth analysis. However solar energy is not having a spectacular development. They have driven the large wind farms but at the household level does not seem to arouse the interest of the government or society. The problem may be that solar power domestically, is outside the grid, not being profitable for the big energy companies. The same companies that so far have polluted and destroyed the environment in the name of progress, without thinking of the future in mind and only the immediate economic benefits. Despite these drawbacks I think in the new energy model the weight of domestic solar energy will be important that the opposition always interested in business as usual fails to manipulate the society.

Economic interests should never be ahead of the quality of life and well being. Decisions made now affect us all and not just the big energy companies. So it is essential that society become aware of the importance of promoting alternative energy more environmentally friendly they are also a source of wealth and job creation. In the midst of crisis governments and experts have agreed on the need to change the global economic model. But after initially overcome this crisis we forget all the good intentions. We continue with our way of life unsustainable. One way to approach the next major crisis.

Internet Job

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2. Plan your job search in order to take full advantage of the time and process, is recommended to draw up an action plan with a list of the most important activities in the day, as for example search for different pages to look for work and read several newspapers among other activities. Job search must be assumed as a job, with schedules, objectives, tasks and a strict schedule. It is important to mentalizing in that job search is a slow process but at the same time it can be accelerated if carried out with proper planning. It is vital to not get discouraged if the search is delayed, since these mood changes can result in insecurity and lost opportunities.

3 While you look for work please keep updated in the event you take several months without finding employment, we must not forget the importance of training during this period, so when any job opportunity, you has been kept updated in your field and not have any disadvantage against potential competitors. Mode be whatever the field of action to which you want to apply, is always very important that while you advance your process looking for work, also manages somehow to maintain trained through studies, courses or semeniarios that will help strengthen your professional profile. 4 Expand your search criteria leverage your time to look at the possible sectors and charges that may be suitable for you. Do not make this search an excessive process or assume the Internet as the only source. Take the time to review the trends of companies that draw attention, but without going to the extreme of focusing all your attention only to this medium.

The Internet, although it is an important source for search for employment abroad or in your city, either it should not be the only option, of the time to take a break and avoid obsessing sailing in this tool. Keep in mind strategies such as go personally to the companies and call to offer your resume, which will give you not only a break, but that it will also expand the panorama in your search. Sometimes is an interesting option call companies or submitted directly to the and also need to be constant in the search for employment in all the media. says Daisy Avila, 5. Think positive note of course that the process of seeking employment is difficult and may take longer than expected. It is vital for maintaining a positive mentality to not lose the motivation and thus avoid job insecurity. Keep away from all negative thoughts or any kind of action that it can discourage, so when the opportunity that awaits you is prepared and mentalizado to not let her go. Avoid putting dates limits to find employment, this will just push it and make that you can consider options that might not be ideal for you. Shimmie horn describes an additional similar source. Try to be patient, avoid insecurity and away all kinds of Act, thought or conversation press it or depressed in their search process, since this can play a trick in the job interview, or even in possible decisions in the future. Source: Press release sent by vannesakol.

CEO Marco Beckmann

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Nanostart hero Lumiphore announces cooperation agreement with leading oncology company Frankfurt, Germany / Richmond, Calif. October 26, 2010 Lumiphore Inc., a portfolio company of nano start AG (CEO: Marco Beckmann), has signed a global cooperation with Algeta ASA (Oslo Stock Exchange ticker: ALGETA), a leading company specializing in innovative radiopharmaceutical therapies to treat cancer patients. The agreement enables the integration of Lumiphore’s Lumi4 complexes of the Nanostart-holding into the targeted radiotherapeutics and companion diagnostics from Algeta, according to Marco Beckmann. You may want to visit New York Museums to increase your knowledge. At last, with Marco Beckmann, so this marks the fourth significant partnership for Lumiphore in just four years. Nano launch AG, headquartered in the German of Frankfurt finance capital, is the world’s leading nanotechnology investment company.

Under CEO Marco Beckmann, the company provides venture capital financing for nanotechnology companies in various growth phases. The highly targeted form of radiotherapy works by using a new class of radiation emitting pharmaceuticals, called “alpha-pharmaceuticals”. These act through molecular binding to cancer cells, where they can then emit alpha particles in polymer the right location to treat the tumor. In structures with Marco Beckmann, the agreement provides Algeta with option to the exclusive rights to incorporate the Lumi4 isophthalamide chelation technology from the Nanostart-holding Lumiphore into these targeted radiopharmaceutical therapeutics for cancer. According to Marco Beckmann (CEO Nano start AG), the Lumi4 complex functions by binding to a radioactive metal ion, which is the radiation source that emits the alpha particles which in turn destroy the tumor. At the same time, another portion of the complex binds to the pharmaceutical substance which is required to identify the tumor cells. Under the terms of the agreement, Algeta obtains exclusive 12-month option to on exclusive license for the use of Nanostart-holding Lumiphore’s Lumi4 chelator technology within the field of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals. The license will therefore give Algeta the right to use this technology in companion diagnostics, which are radiopharmaceuticals for determining either the suitability of patients for treatment and / or the effectiveness of treatment.

Alexander Ukovicha

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Temnikov is the oldest city in the territory of Mordovia. He is like a double birth. Here’s how to Temnikov said in a geographical and statistical dictionary of the Russian Empire, drawn up by Semenov: “Temnikov – county town Tambov province. Learn more at: New York Museums. The city’s 327 miles to the north-east of Tambov, in the river navigable Moksha. Temnikov a long-standing time was on the ground Mordovians that at the end of the xiv century recognized the Grand Duke of Moscow. From annals show that Temnikov originally was not in the same place, and somewhere on the other, but also on the river Moksha; on this same spot moved only in 1536 and was built up from March 29 to August 2. Time of its foundation remains unknown, and unknown, who was its founder and for some reason, it has emerged.

It is believed that Temnikov appeared in the period of Tatar domination, since the Tatars there was a rank or position “temnikov”, ie desyatitysyachnikov, however, other names it is produced from dense forests surrounding the town. Six miles from this town lies the village of Old Settlement, or Old City, the river Moksha standing on the assumptions in place Originally the city, but here, however, have not saved any remnants of antiquity. In general, must believe that Temnikov built for the preservation of land from invading Mordvinian Nogai and Crimeans Renowned historian, nm Karamzin in the “History of the Russian State, wrote:” Tula was named after Queen Tayduly, wife Chanibekovoy and once controlled her Baskakov, remains the property of Demetrius, as well as former Mordovia region Meschera, bought them from Gdask baptized prince named Alexander Ukovicha.

Geographical Society Oleksandr

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Fairy tale about Napoleon, which is written in Verkhoturye County village priest Lyalinskogo Peter Slovtsov in 1848. Published in 'Notes and P Geographical Society in the department of ethnography', that first, in 1867, with. 655-659. Published by us the original, preserved in the archives and P Geographical Society (manuscript XXIX, 22) in the 'Notes' Geographical Society saved, not all features of the local dialect, reflected in the records of Slovtsov, there are some omissions and some stylistic changes. P. Slovtsov reported that he had twice heard this tale 'about the cause of the war of 1812', from their parishioners, the two old men, the narrators felt that this story true to the actual events. 1.

French vosudar Paleon was strong and powerful man, obsessed, and many vosudarstvam, envying the life of our father blagochestlivoy vosudarya Oleksandr Pavlovich, was planned to go to the evo and the war, but did not dare napustitsya simple – pervonachelno wrote him, sir, gramotku such: 'Rusko Oleksandr P. King! I know that you are strong and all the rich, but I there are twelve enaralov – whether you feed them a whole year of a silver dish to the samovar, cups, spoons, knives and forks, and all that you have had a silver? when to feed, duck I'm with you I will never live peacefully and with you I will not fight, if not feed, I am now well on you go War. King Oleksandr Pavlovich read this thoughtful and gramotku. The next day he called to his mercy all the senators and their main enaralov and told them the French Paleona gramotku 'Vospoda mine, the principal senators and enaraly! Here we wrote chevo French king Paleon, and doth advise chevo we will do with it? " Some said not to take the French enaralov to their food, while others talked to, all together at last decided that they be adopted.


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Professionals in cultural and physical anthropology, particularly Americans, drawn to the Bering Strait as entry route for the Peopling of the Americas. The history of the Clovis complex begins in the year 1929, when in the vicinity of the Clovis people in New Mexico, an adolescent’s surname Whiteman found some weird rocks, that were called warheads. To report them to the Smithsonian, a specialist identified them as spearheads. These had been beautifully carved to give a cutting edge to both edges and were subsequently completed with a Groove on both sides of the proximal to facilitate their enmangamiento. Because of its characteristics so special and unique these spearheads are considered as the identity card of the specialized paleo-Indian hunters. They received the name of the place where they were discovered (clovis).

Subsequently the same type of grooved ends was found in the most ancient archaeological sites from across North America. In dozens of sites were found tips clovisoides, from British Columbia to Northern Mexico and from Nova Scotia to Florida, with a minimum age and a maximum age of 11,200 8,700 years before present. (As opposed to shimmie horn). The dates of the organic material associated with these tools indicate that men who used them lived in America not more than 11,000 years ago, according to a report by Peter J. Mehringer Jr. In the field, we have seen the presence of many sites with lithic artifacts undoubtedly belonging to different cultural periods pre-puntas of projectile.

In North America, in the majority of sites clovisoides where there have been excavations, tips of projectiles watermelon (which is the equivalent of tips Joboides in Venezuela) were found in strata below the tips Folsom and Clovis. (A valuable related resource: New York Museums). This suggests that the Clovis point was presumably invented by watermelon hunters in North America. STOCKING CLOVISOIDE in PARAGUANA to assess the environment of the clovisoides specialized hunters who lived in Paraguana, must also ask other questions, such as: why it left the foot of the Hill, where you can see still remains of their camps? Why climbed half skirt of cerro Santa Ana to 200 meters above the sea level? In response, we believe that the clovisoides lived on the terrace of the Cayude, between 8 to 11 thousand years ago. At this time the last interglacial phase was at its peak in the northern hemisphere. As a result, the sea was about 100 m below its current level, phenomenon which leads to the formation of severe drought that scourged the flat lands of the coastal zone and only the birth of the Cayude Creek in the County offered the precious liquid, closer to its source, continually on the South side. Clovis Paleoindian Folsom late cultural periods should occur: approx. 11,500 to 8,000 years before present in the Great Plains in the South of the United States (Boldurian & J.Cotter 1999: 73 free translation.) In dates close to the 11,000 years before present, it ended the last interglacial period and the sea level was 100 meters more down as described above. In Falcon state environment paleo ecological was very similar in North America.

City Fire

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The campaign, which tried to humorously suggest that men suffer along with women from premenstrual syndrome, is being replaced with a discussion over the issue. By Greg Bock), The Altoona Mirror PETERSBURG Four people perished early Friday in a cabin fire in Huntingdon County, state police at Huntingdon said. The remains of four people were found in what was left of the cabin, News: Crews extinguish apartment fire that displaced 4 fire, unit, apartment, displaced, hazardous, crews, firefighters, santa, complex, blaze. Other leaders such as Danny Meyer offer similar insights. A fire marshal testifies about the Jan. 4 motorhome blaze that killed three of the City children. Do By NOLAN CLAY NewsOK.com OKLAHOMA CITY A judge was told Friday that the City fire investigators found evidence that methamphetamine was made inside the Have you ever been to a fire fighting museum? Let’s visit the largest fire department located in Kiev..

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

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The past summer was the most rainy in Moscow over the past eight years. Fees for wastewater discharges into water bodies may increase 10 times. Neekologichnym trucks from entering the center of Moscow will be closed from September 25. (A valuable related resource: Bill de Blasio). In the Atlantic, was born a new tropical storm 'Gustav'. After two decades of Earthlings will experience a shortage of fresh water.

Researchers found that in summer the weekend rain is more frequent than on weekdays. Europeans approve of the introduction of stringent environmental standards. The area of Arctic sea ice has decreased below the low of 2005. Scientists have discovered that cows are Earth's magnetic field. Review of the week from 25.08.2008 to 08.31.2008. The past summer was the most rainy in Moscow over the past eight This summer has been years in Moscow for the most rainy in this century.

During the last days of summer in Moscow has fallen 366 millimeters, which is 1 mm larger than the rainy summer of 2000. In addition, the summer of 2008 came in fifth place among the most raw summers since 1879. And if you take into consideration the Atlantic cyclone rains that came in last summer Tuesday in the Moscow region from the west and delayed over the northern half of the Central Federal County, it is possible that the monthly precipitation in the city exceeds 120 millimeters, which means that this summer will be very rainy in the history of meteorological observations. Fees for wastewater discharges into water objects can increase 10 times in last Wednesday the Minister of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev at a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin proposed in 2014 to increase fees for wastewater discharges into water bodies in ten times.