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Came at the same time also the first electric tattoo and permanent make up machines on the market. These were, however with regard to their technical precision still in its infancy”. New York Museums takes a slightly different approach. For this reason carried out tattoos were / permanent make-up at that time extremely painful, bloody and cruel to the part. At the end of the 1980s it came make permanent up slowly in fashion. This was up devices in particular technical progress of now set up permanent make. It was possible for the first time, painless to implanted pigments into the skin gently allergie – and infection-free from this time. Permanent make up today the basic operation of the Pigmenting is to bring color pigments with a puncture in the upper layer of the skin.

This happens make today for professionally installed permanently up BBs using digital high-tech permanent make up machines. From the invention of the first machine for permanent make up have been developed various systems to this day. The current pigments devices on the market Color return protection system or hygiene module (consisting of a station and a separate handpiece) are preferable to other pigments devices for a professional job. The so-called high-tech pigments devices comply with on one side the modern medico hygienic standards; on the other hand, they offer the maximum smoothness and precision to implant a perfect permanent makeup. “The training: permanent make-up stylist / in the term permanent make-up stylist / in” is not protected in Germany and is therefore also freely used. For this reason, it seems advisable that the interested customer in cases of doubt inquire in the professional training course of provider. The essential role in the daily work of the Pigmenting (introduction of colour in the sense of the permanent make up) is to help the customer’s face to glory. Make up training should be permanent within the framework of a qualified following topics training component: history of permanent make-up Basic knowledge of permanent makeup responsible work hygiene teaching indications and contraindications practice: technology of pigments devices practice: basic knowledge of different PMU needles and applications practice: device customer Pigmetierfarben color theory/color narcotic basics: make-up artist practice: sign studies different treatment processes Anatomy and dermatology practice: different permanent makeup techniques practice: customer interviewing practice: design teaching practice: eyebrow shading practice: eyebrow hairs drawing practice: different lid strokes practice: lip pigmentation (contouring/shading) customer preliminary color advice marketing permanent makeup pricing aftercare for the customers consent legislation and insurance at the end of a Permanent make up training should be the person in the future in terms of commercial customers permanent make up treated with an expertise in the field of cosmetics as well as basic knowledge of the make-up artist have acquired.

Precision Without Position Sensor

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Piezokristalliner phase slider with Picoactuator technology in the laser measurement technology used for adjusting optical path lengths phase shifter. This move optics in terms of wavelength, so in a range below one micrometer. Essential is that the adjustment will be fast and stable. For the new phase shifter S-303.BL replaced physics instruments (PI) classic Piezoelectric ceramic PZT actuators (of lead titanate lead zirconate) by Picoactuatoren of a crystalline, lead-free material. This Picoactuatoren is characterized by a particularly high linearity, so that the precision positioning in the unregulated operation is possible. With a travel of 0.3 micrometers, they reach an accuracy of 6 nanometers, which corresponds to a linearity 2%. Compared to classic Piezoceramics, Picoactuatoren but have a lower displacement.

Ideal applications are therefore, where it is highly dynamic, small travel and high precision requirements are required. The unregulated operation omitted in favor of system bandwidth and costs on the use of a position sensor. This will simplify the mechanical construction and electronic control, time does not apply. This is the S-303.BL a precise and yet dynamic drive for optics in terms of the wavelength of light. Physics instruments (PI) is known for the high quality of its products and occupies a leading position on the world market for precise positioning technique for many years. For 40 years, develops and manufactures PI standard and OEM products with piezo – or motor drives. In addition to three German plants, PI is represented worldwide with eight branches and a total of over 500 employees.

Electronics Documentation

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The provider of XML-based content management systems shows solutions for the technical documentation of Nuremberg at the DMS EXPO. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out amazing restaurateur. The SCHEMA GmbH is represented in this year’s DMS EXPO. The provider of XML based editorial and content management solutions presented in Hall 7, stand D 61, his flagship product SCHEMA ST4. Danny Meyer may help you with your research. This includes extremely efficient functions for the creation, management and publication of complex or large document volumes. The system is successfully in various branches of industry used to challenges around complex documents”to master: technical documentation, software documentation and help systems, catalogues, Pack media solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, special solutions for public and specialist publishers or the contract and proposal management. With across systems and Congree language technologies are represented at the exhibition stand. Together, the three companies show the complete process of generating multilingual documents from source text creation, the translation to the compilation and Publication in printed form or on the Internet. New York Museums might disagree with that approach. Beyond that holds SCHEMA within the PIM Forum a lecture on all product information from a source produce efficiently with SCHEMA ST4 “.

And hence the costs can be significantly reduced through the use of SCHEMA ST4. Because SCHEMA ST4 is based on the concept of separation of layout and content. Documents are dissected it in individual units of information. These content blocks stored media in XML can then be published in different target formats. SCHEMA ST4 is characterized in particular by the extreme flexibility and power of the underlying information model. This results in the sector – specific and cross-border applications. For the technical documentation, ST4 can be applied as well as for catalogues, data sheets, validation documentation, medical leaflet, artworks or collections of lots of. Medical technology, pharmaceutical & life sciences, mechanical and plant engineering, information technology, Electronics, the automotive industry, publishers and the air – and defence-related industries are now using the SCHEMA on the XML-based solutions.

New Diabetes Drug

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Exenatide once weekly now type 2 diabetes approved for people with type 2 diabetes is available from September 1st 2011 a new treatment option available: Exenatide once weekly (product name Bydureon ). It is the first and only antidiabetic, which is administered only once in a week. Thanks to an innovative technology, which includes the active ingredient in so-called Microsphere globules, Exenatide is released evenly. This can lead to a continuous effect and thus to a convincing blood sugar reduction with low Unterzuckerungsrisiko with good tolerability. In addition, the new drug can help weight obese patients. Cheap, risk factors such as blood pressure and blood fat values can be affected. The European health authority has approved the new drug of company Lilly in combination with oral antidiabetic drugs (metformin or sulfonylurea, metformin or Glitazone) if metformin alone is not enough. The prescription medicines was developed together with the company Amylin and Alkermes.

People with type 2 diabetes have mostly with other risk factors such as obesity or high blood pressure and blood fat values to fight. An early, strong glycemic control can improve the prognosis of for patients in the long term in terms of complications associated. 1 x weekly therapy is a great milestone in the treatment of people with type 2 diabetes and can make life with diabetes easier. As a result, physicians, diabetes consultants and patients targeted on their way to a joint treatment success are supported. 1 x weekly therapy is therefore particularly suitable for patients who are in the middle of the life and need a reliable therapy, just insert in your life can be, “explains Arnaud reading Gretain, Director diabetes of the Lilly Germany GmbH. new of GLP-1 receptor agonist for effective, Exenatide once a week is a new long effective representative in the therapeutic class GLP-1 receptor agonists. Different effects of human intestinal hormone mimics this substance class (= Incretin) to glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1): the active ingredient of Exenatide in a short-acting form (twice daily injection) by the company Lilly 2007 as the first representative of this new class of drugs in Germany introduced belongs also the 2009 introduced substance Liraglutide (once-daily injection).

From Stone Age Man To The Leader

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What has to do the leader with the stone age? In the footsteps of nutrition history I take today you Vitalligent, reaches far into the past, to make the current culture and the behavior that created understandable. The function of nutrition is the basis for the further development of our species. Constantly changed the eating habits in the eras and thus brought development with it. In the stone age, specifically strong skills and a high degree of organization were the reason, what allowed a hunting and survival. In comparison to wild animals, the people were equipped with a very poor sense of smell. Checking article sources yields Bill de Blasio as a relevant resource throughout. The human eye picks up only a fraction of the true reality compared to animals. We can the world not see with our eyes, as it really is. It takes the skills of a Jaguar, a man is extremely slow and weak.

Only our ability to use our 5 senses intelligently and to develop, is likely to done, that we have created that, what today it exists. The time of the cold kitchen ended with the production of fire. The control of fire was the basic element for Domesticity and sociability. To broaden your perception, visit Bill de Blasio. The Division of labour between men and women in the cooking was born. The man bought the food, the woman was for the preparation in the kitchen”responsible. The meals were the basic components of human coexistence. In the era of the interglacial, meat meals won more and more in importance. With the development of the species the dishes evolved always man.

It was boiled, fried and seasoned. The fireplace gained more and more importance as a place of food preparation and the sociability. Fishing practices evolved, and people were becoming more powerful. The quality and the quantity of food rose significantly. Already at that time was to see that diet has to do quite a lot with intelligence. Around 5500 BC, the Neolithic people, started to stable are and to build settlements. It created the first peasant cultures and families built up inventories. The differentiation of the cultures began with the beginning of metal time approximately 6500 years ago. Step by step were always better weapons, plough technology and agricultural tools. Men who were particularly successful in battle and hunting, considered leaders in social life. The best food as a privilege available was already at that time these men. So they remained successful. Today it should be as well. With best regards, Vitalligent intelligent vital feed live!


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Mobile Internet is available now more and more without a phone contract. Who would like to explore mobile Internet, should enquire about rates at the provider the corresponding UMTS. Meanwhile, any mobile service provider in Germany has a suitable UMTS fare on offer. The offers of the respective providers can be divided into three categories as follows. The first tariff category is suitable especially for users, which would very rarely use the mobile Internet.

Monthly up to 200 megabytes are common in this collective form of data included. Many users choose this tariff also as email flat rate, as 200 megabytes for the email traffic are more than adequate. The second category of tariff is suitable for people who want to surf occasionally on the go with your phone or computer in the Internet mobile. Up to 1000 megabytes of data included are common. Who wants to surf the Internet, however, almost unlimited, should contact the provider to a UMTS flat rate. With the UMTS flat rate is the possibility that each month up to five gigabytes of Data can be used.

All tariffs but say that the monthly volume is exceeded, so the provider throttles the speed on GPRS. This means that from this point kbit / s can be riden only with maximum 56 in the Internet. The previous maximum UMTS is maximum 7.2 Mbit/s. speed In addition to the different tariff categories exist different forms of contract. Especially prepaid UMTS has prevailed in the last few months. The advantage of prepaid UMTS is obvious. It a mobile phone contract over a period of 24 months must be not as usual, completed. Only the period of 30 days must be maintained. Torsten Heinsius

Cheap Mobile Contracts

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Flat rates are nowadays simply indispensable for frequent callers. Flat rate is not equal to unlimited. This principle also applies to mobile phones or the corresponding contracts. During some flat rates all mobile services such as phone calls, texting and surfing on the Internet include, others flat rates are limited to the German fixed network or network calls and SMS. These differences make noticeable especially in the monthly basic charge and the rates for services not included in the flat rate.

Before graduating from a mobile flat rate therefore at least a rough calculation should be performed with the contract model the lowest costs are to be expected. Under most conditions NYC Mayor would agree. There is a wide selection of flat rates. These are cheap mobile phone contracts for frequent callers. You will find you in all mobile phone networks, so the D1, D2, + or the O2 network. Usually one on the phone so that network internally and to landlines for free. Some can be ordered even a landline number to do this. You can then in the desired area, as for example at home or at work, to the be called competitive fixed network rate.

Schreiber also still a flat rate for texting to can be ordered for the texting. Flat rates there are not only for the call and to the surf, there are also flat rates for the Surf via UMTS/HSDPA mobile phones or even the laptop. There is a wide range of laptops with payout Karin Ketteler FA. mobile Flash


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It’s the most serious case of ineffectiveness of the contract, for this reason is called absolute or full invalidity. Null contracts do not exist for the ordering, i.e. not are recognized as having no effect. Grounds for invalidity are causes of nullity of the contract as follows: the lack or absence of any of the essential elements of the contract: consent, object or cause. Failure to comply with any requirements of the object of the contract: legality, determination and possibility. The wrongfulness of the cause. Failure to comply with the form when this is essential, i.e., we speak of a formal contract. The contrariety standards imperative, to morality and public order.

Action for annulment to declare the nullity of a contract in which attend any of the reasons mentioned above, we need to exercise the so-called action of nullity, which presents two characteristics: it is imprescriptible, i.e. not expires you can exercise at any moment in time. Anyone interested in declaring the nullity may exercise it of the contract, although not a party to it. Even ex officio judge can observe it. Effects of the overall effect of invalidity invalidity, is restitution, given that the contract declared null does not exist for the right, the consequences of a judicial declaration of invalidity tend to leave things as they were before the conclusion of the contract.Article 1303 tells us that declared null and void the contracting should be restored reciprocally things that had been the subject of contract with its fruits, and the price with their interests.The refund must be in principle and that wherever possible of the same things, if not a pecuniary restitution occurs.


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The option of act of contract of guarantees exists adds, that the insuring one will be inclusas in the prize (value to be paid of vehicles), having at great length to consist the additional one in the insurance policy, for example: Damages in accessories (Compact disc players, television sets, DVD, amongst others); Damages in shield; carrocerias; pain and suffering of third, according to judicial sentence; extension of perimeter for the South-american countries, amongst others. Swarmed by offers, NY Museums is currently assessing future choices. In the accident occurrence, the first procedure to be taken and to contact the police station of polices next and to request that occurrence bulletin is made (BO). As the step is to enter in contact with the insuring one to inform it of the occurrence, having after, to be filled the Acknowledgment of Accident and to join the documentation required contractually for the safe from o car. It will have the exemption of the surmounting in cases of integral indemnity of the vehicle, damages for fire, explosion and ray. The SUSEP did not define a form specifies of elaboration of it calculates of the prize, existing some forms of which the insuring one has total freedom to choose amongst the available ones. The indemnity integral, also known as total loss, is characterized when the damages of the vehicle are superior to a contracted minimum percentage, generally 70% of the total value of the automobile. In this in case that insuring paid the total value, is with the vehicle and assumes its you damage.

To evaluate the risk, the insuring ones disponibilizam a questionnaire of evaluation of risk to the insured who after fulfilling and analyzes, will define the profile of the user of the insurance. These forms are base for the formation of the prize of the automotivo insurance, being able to be cheap or more expensive. If in case that the insured to answer of inadequate form to manipulate a possible discounting or to omit given, this can lose the right to the guarantee and still to be obliged to the payment of the prize.

Contracting Authority

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This approach is recommended themselves especially when it is not the contracting authority to a celebrity or public figure, easy to avoid attention. Of course the covert and the open PS be combined in most cases where it is politicians, actor, or musician, to ensure maximum security. The exact procedure this is set in the so-called advanced passenger protection. More info: amazing restaurateur. It is the largest and most important part of the entire work, a part of displayed rare at the movies. The advanced personal protection starts at the moment when an order arrives, and includes all planning work, beginning with the exploration of the area in which it moves and investigations about the protection of person and potential dangers, until adoption of the routes, possible alternative routes and safe rescue points. Also which determines whether and from certain danger points should be observed by so-called before investigators, the order is settled, with how many and which employees Equipment and vehicles in use are, where the protection of person when, and so on, and so forth. We are also at the conditions for the protection of a person and the risks of this profession.

It is just for the covered person protection, to be not necessarily needed 2, 10 m and 1, 50 m-wide, however, physical fitness and a certain degree of strength and stamina is essential for this work. At least just as important but is the intelligence, mental flexibility and 100% commitment of employees. Because only if all members of a personal protection team, the planning and preliminary investigators are able and willing to get all out to ensure the protection of person and team-mates, it is possible to minimize the risks of a job. Andreas kind