Paraguay Erico

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In 1942, Arsenio had problems with the leaders of the Independent and, because of that returned to Paraguay. Here again played by Nacional where he made a brilliant campaign that culminated in the First National: champion. Meanwhile, in Argentina, was offered by Erico Independiente Independiente but not sold; posiblitando Arsenio return in 1943. Ipahape, Independent ohepyme'ekuri kane'ove ichupe-lo-pe jave-Hurricane. Upepe oikejepekuri 7 vakapipopo neha'ame, omoinge '? Re mba'eve; has upeicha Avei omoguahe ijapype hembiasa vakapipopo neha'ame. Finally, the Indpendiente sold it with the physical well-beaten, to Hurricane, where he played seven games without scoring any well, thus closing his fabulous football career. Nane Oujeyvo broom, Arsenio has upekuevo Avei oha'a National oisambyhy-pe, 1949 pukukue javeve.

Umi osekuri apytepe National itenondeveva, tenda mokoihame, Guarani rapykueri. Erico anoite uper oi sambyhy jepe petei ATYHA, UPEI araka'evema. When he returned to Paraguay, Arsenio played simultaneously addressed National throughout 1949. His team was ranked among the best, ranking second, behind Guarani. That was the only time I coached a team, then never again. UPEI, ohojey Argentina-pe, oikohaguepe Omano Meve Nane has sapy'apy'a oumimi onanduvo ipehenguekuerape broom. UPEI, 1960-eg-re omendakuri White Aurelia, Argentina-ygua.

Ommendations Jepemo hikuai, ha'ekuera nainemonarei. Then he moved to Argentina until his death and occasionally came to Paraguay to visit their relatives. In 1960 he married Aurelia Blanco, Argentina. Despite his marriage, the couple had no children. 1977-pe Ary retyma Arsenio has onekytikuri ichugui onembyai asu. Rire Upeva Omano rasygui kora, Ara-pe 23 jasypokoi 1977. Argentina tuichakue javeve, hetaiterei Tapiche ombyasy magnet. ATY Petei ndetuichapajepeva omoiru suck tyvyty peve Moron, onenote? haguepe. In 1977 Arsenio's left leg had complications and was amputated. Soon after, he died of a heart attack on 23 July 1977. All Argentina mourned his death and a great multitude followed him to the cemetery of Moron, where he was buried. Heta Heta has Kuati ary onemyenyhe rire rire, 2009-eg, Arsenio Erico jereru onemoneikuri Nane broom. Hasya peve, 26 jasykoi 2010-eg, Arsenio retekue onemohendakuri Paraguay Vakapipopo Rogape: "Defensores del Chaco"-pe. Peich, Arsenio Erico oujeykuri Nane opytaitevo broom, py'aguapype. After many years and several steps, in 2009, authorized the repatriation of Arsenio Paraguay. Finally, on February 26, 2010, the remains of Arsenio were deposited in a mausoleum in the House of the Paraguayan Football "Defensores del Chaco." Thus, Arsenio Erico returned to stay permanently in our country, at peace. Tribute to Great and Arsenio Erico Domingo Ramos and fellow Margarita Sanchez (owner of the Journal and Radio Arsenio Erico, New York, USA) and Julie Peralta (collaborator) to value, far from home, the figure of the Paraguayan Arsenio Erico