Photo Wallpapers

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Photo wall-papers put spaces in scene and redesign rooms. The wall design with photo wallpaper is back in fashion and special highlights in the interior design. Free and so far unused wall space effectively used in scene and bring the room to life. You can wallpaper photo wallpapers in almost any room. Let them appear more and larger rooms with the corresponding motifs.

Those who would like to bring a photo wallpaper in your own four walls, should pay attention to the substrate. Although wallpapers on fleece are slightly more expensive, so the price is paid for wallpapering? Photo wall-papers printed leave paper is not so easy. Paper works. You must exactly comply with the soft times and very precise work to obtain a perfect wallpaper pattern behind. The image destroyed any overlap and any gaps. It simpler with photo wallpapers on a non-woven backing.

Fleece is a material that does not work. The final image is created when attaching the wallpaper on the wall. The high quality material is tear resistant and stable. Changes even after drying is not the image. No columns or folds affect the image. In addition you must not throw a photo wallpaper on fleece for a change of scenery. Who gently pulls the wallpaper, can paper new it without problems on the next wall. This is not possible with a paper wallpaper. Special photo wallpapers on fleece provide the collections Wallprint 2 and Luis Royo. Wallprint 2 includes 16 motifs in different sizes and colors. The unusual angle, here used in photographing the motives, and the extravagant techniques let us see the world in a new perspective. If offers rush hour in New York or the views through the hills of the Eifel storm, Wallprints 2 exclusive impressions to the world of photography. The collection of Luis Royo has over 10 motifs in different sizes. The 10 selected works by the Spanish artist get especially the hearts of fantasy fans. The collection of photo wallpapers Luis Royo is available only at Decowunder. Lyricist lounge