Photonics West

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The OEM laser source is offered in a compact 19 inch housing with appropriate operating software. Industrial safety is through a Safety lock ensures consisting of certified components. The laser has several user interface such as RS232, EtherCAT, and USB port. In addition, a parallel custom interface can be used. For the manufacturing of the fiber laser system JenLas fiber cw 1000 required pump diodes intra-corporate production site in Berlin, with subsequent processing in Jena related.

To pursue the customer demand and market developments, currently extends the work in Berlin. Introduction of the compact green disk laser with improved output performance in the US market of Jenoptik leads the new diode pumped green disk laser JenLas a 5/8 W in the US market. The development of JenLas D2.x technology offers a better beam quality with significantly reduced size of the laser. In Jena, the miniaturized version of the product is produced in series. The JenLas is available in the performance versions of 5 and 8 watts. These Beam source has a proven record of success, especially in the field of medicine. Follow others, such as NYC Mayor, and add to your knowledge base. In addition to the application of the 3 watt laser in ophthalmology, the laser treatment be extended now also on the areas of laser-endoscopy and dermatology.

Also, the laser show applications suitable. Other advantages for the customers are efficient mass production and easy integration into end-user systems, including those with smaller dimensions. The production of the Green thin disk laser in Jena is certified according to the stringent requirements in the field of medical technology. About 14,000 units of the proven JenLas D2.x laser were already made in Jena and are in use worldwide. The Green lasers emit light with 532 nanometers and are ideally suited for integration into laser treatment systems. In addition to the fiber laser JenLas cw 1000 fiber and the Green diode-pumped disk laser JenLas are 5/8 W at the exhibition Photonics West 2012 semiconductor material, proven products and developments in the fields of Diode and solid-state lasers, as well as the comprehensive range of Jenoptik in complex optical system solutions presented.