Plastic Surgery

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We verify for the interviews that the feeling of the parents after the birth of a fissurada child finishes generating fear, guilt incapacity, anxiety and pain. Such intense and related feelings being what he is ‘ ‘ diferente’ ‘ of the considered normal standard, many times finish reing-echo in the behavior of the child, that if feels discriminated, kept out of society ahead and humiliated of its familiar ones, friends and colleagues. If the carrying child of fiction of palatal lip to know to coexist its problems, with naturalness without the preconception and the indifference of the society, the results of the whitewashing would be better. It is necessary terms in mind that stops maximizing the treatment of whitewashing of the fiction carriers palatal lip is necessary a team work to multidiscipline precocious, composed for professionals graduated the areas of Pediatrics, of the Plastic Surgery, the Odontologia, the Otorrinolaringologia, the Fonoaudiologia, the Occupational Therapy, Psychology, beyond social assistant and nurse aid. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES ALTMANN, E.B.C et al. Precocious treatment. In: Altmann, E.B.C coord. Lapiolapatinas fictions. Peditricos aspects. 4. Ed Carapicuiba: Pr-fono Editoral Department, 1997.

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