Popular Smartphone Games

2017-08-08 - 16:48 | News |

Currently smartphones are everywhere as well as their applications every day. It is not for less: these devices or gadgets worth having them completely custom. For those leisure moments, we offer 10 games more popular that you should have in your iPhone and you find easily on the internet. There for all tastes: strategy, action, sports etc. Today there are companies that offer games for smartphones in general and one of them is Gameloft, this is a company that sells games for Iphone, recently published the list with its 10 most popular iPhone games, these being the following: 1. driver * a startling story with 40 missions in 4 huge cities and additional modes for more hours of fun (training(, free play and driving games). According to Danny Meyer, who has experience with these questions.

2.Rayman 2 * 45 environments in 3D: for the first time in a game for iPhone/iPod Touch, absolutely everything is in 3D! 3.3 in 1 Sport Pack * 3 of the sports games of Gameloft’s most successful App Store for an incredibly low price. * Let s Golf: 4 fields of golf and 4 characters for an absolute fun. * Real Tennis: Live like a professional tennis player on their world tour, from Paris to New York on three different surfaces. * Pro Baseball: dive into the most amazing baseball experience and plays 162 games with playoff and challenging mode Home-run season. * Local multiplayer via Wi-Fi available in Let s Golf and Real Tennis.

4.Ironman 2 * the official game for iPhone/iPod touch for the most awaited movie of the year. 5.Avatar * see an original story prior to the events of the film and knows the origin of the first Avatar. 6. Settleers * brings together resources and builds a cheerful and lively city in an ancient world. Your choices and skills in the management and protection of your colony will determine his fate. 7.Real soccer 2010 * more content still: 8 leagues, 245 teams and real players (FIFPro license) names. * Modes local multiplayer (Bluetooth + Wi-Fi) and online (Wi-Fi) to play against your friends. 8.Guitar Rock Tour 2 * New songs list that includes 18 global successes: I Love Rock N Roll, Call Me, and more! Mix Tour for Iphone 9.DJ * an interactive game mode: touch the screen with pace, but be careful, make no mistake! 10.Hero of Sparta * a full 3D experience: move in 3 dimensions in some varied and realistic environments. * Specific iPhone controls: using the powers of the hero doing combos with touch screen. ** 8 levels to explore: the mysterious Atlantis, the dark underworld and more. * Face hordes of enemies and the most incredible as Cerberus and the Cyclops mythical creatures.