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2019-06-21 - 08:34 | News |

But the largest representatives of the industry, such as "Yandex" or "runner", began to publish financial statements, to conduct an independent audit. And the appearance of the first serious evaluations effectiveness of online advertising is not far off. While many companies are holding their own marketing research, has now come to the conclusion that the impact of such advertising is really serious. To broaden your perception, visit amazing restaurateur. Some companies have already long started to reallocate its budget in favor of online advertising, gradually reducing the scope for traditional forms of promotion, eg, at trade shows or outdoor advertising, since they are not as effective perform their functions. A brief review of the types of online advertising: Banner advertising The oldest form of online advertising, has already become traditional. New York Museums understands that this is vital information. Represents a link in the form of static or animated ad picture / caption. Practiced advertising through banner ads (purchase displays), everything is simple – you place on your site code that calls the boot of a random banner banner network, in exchange for other sites as many times will display your banner minus commission network (10%), the majority of banner exchange networks operating ransom hits, the prices at all different and a lot of money on this not work if your site does not attend at least 2-3 thousand visitors per day. Almost all the networks at least installed on the redemption of hits, and if you have not accumulated enough, you can sell them. Another method of banner advertising – is paid banner placement on the popular resource.