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The organizations that to keep its focus of performance in the current and future necessities of its customers will remain in the prosperity market enjoying. NYC marathon can aid you in your search for knowledge. For VAVRA (1993), the attendance if becomes better from the moment that the organization keeps direct contact with the customers, thus making with that the customers if identify with the organization. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of hotel belleclaire on most websites. This fact if of to the measure that the employees interact with the customers. YOU MARK (2000) comments that to take care of, to satisfy and to enchant the customers they form an excellency scale, for this, the employees whom direct contact keeps with customers must have auto-confidence, initiative, optimism, enthusiasm, emotional balance, persistence, sincerity, capacity of reasoning, personal affection and energy. ' ' The customers will be more fidiciary offices when receiving the personal attention distinguishes that them from outros.' ' WIERSEMA (1996, P. 25). This makes with that the ego and auto-esteem of the customer is increased generating bigger allegiance.

' ' The more paparica, bigger you the probability of if developing a relationship of the type to earn-ganhar.' ' WIERSEMA (1996, P. 26). However this act of paparicar must be made of form not to asfixiar the customers. The importance of the Satisfaction for the Customer the premise biggest of the company is that the customers will buy of the company who, according to perception of them, to offer the biggest value. It is observed that all the customers look for to buy its products where the company values its customers of form whom well they are taken care of and respected as they would like, therefore when a product is demonstrated to the customer is had that to know which is the advantages and disadvantages of the same, thus presenting the solutions to take care of to the necessities of the customers demonstrating the product to the purchaser, but for this it is needed to be always well trained for such, therefore thus it will be valuing the product and the company.