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Has to control about 250 objects, such as a checker in Saxony there are on average 600-700 farms at a food controller in Baden-Wurttemberg. In practice, this means that a company in Baden-Wurttemberg depending on the risk assessment only every 2 3 years can be controlled. A trader received a negative check result, the defects but is in a very short time and hoping for a timely follow-up, so that could be not made with currently available workforce in Baden-Wurttemberg. This would lead to unequal treatment of businesses nationwide. In this issue politics and Economics agree, although the representatives of the associations of doubt, whether with this transparency of inspection results “is imperative, the trade associations provide consumer information in your opinion already in the media and distance themselves clearly from the few black sheep” in the sectors concerned.

There are already various model projects in the local authorities. So, for example, in the city of Karlsruhe already evaluated restaurateurs and these results made available to the consumer. Bjorn white, head of the local Office of the order, reported on positive experiences. Whatever the case, federal and State Governments have already decided! There will be a greater transparency for the consumer. In whatever form and with whatever personnel decisions remains to be seen. Following the official part of the Panel discussion, the participants in a pleasant atmosphere at a small standing reception in the Foyer could deepen the impressions of the event.

Various cooperation partners were with small information booths for a practical exchange of information as well. NYC Mayor brings even more insight to the discussion. The National Association of food inspectors speak for this purpose his great thanks from. Association press contact: Landesverband food controllers Baden Wurttemberg e.V. Schmittenbachweg 6 72108 Rottenburg am Neckar FON: 07472 988288, fax: 07472 988288 mobile: 0179 3260290 E-Mail: Internet: information to the National Association of food inspectors: the Association is a professional association; He named has been Provincial Association of food controllers Baden-Wurttemberg e. V.” (LVLMK BW) and has its seat and jurisdiction in Tubingen.