Put On Your Sunglasses – It Is Hot!

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For a long time, it is known that Flash sunlight for the eye is uncomfortable and may even harm. Comes the 2008 summer hit this year from Berlin? Berlin. The sunglasses put on!”is the debut single of the Berlin newcomers two 4 FuN” two 4 FuN (founded in 2005) has in the last 3 years not only to Berlin’s Party project No.. 1 hyped, but is now also one of the most sought after acts in the party scene. “In addition to countless Club tours, appearances in marquees and open airs the party stronghold in Cologne, Bayern and Mallorca, two played 4 FuN” at the MDR summer tour 2007 together with stars like Chris Norman, Mathias Reim and DJ otzi and Marianne Rosenberg, before ca. 50 000 spectators, where the young Band Two 4 FuN “wowed the audience by your fantastic stage show and the bombastic sound of party! Who are the two makers of two 4”? The pretty blond singer (26), Miss Hamburg 2005 Lynn “and Miss star casting singer 2005” celebrated a spectacular one-two! From fun to 2005, Lynn took joy in Hamburg at the beauty contests and at the same time the star casting”part of a country-wide singing competition and won both titles. Henry (32) singer & entertainer worked a.o. as voice & band coach, music producer, actor, comedian. After the great success of the MDR two dedicated 4 FuN”same for his new summer tour 2008, where they finally present your debut single -“Put on the sunglasses”. “The two wrote the German summer song, produced their debut single titled thus composed of the successful hit Texters Horst Lubba: put on the sunglasses!” The hit suspicious song inspired the makers of MDR summer tour, making them the title to the official opener – Kurten song of this year’s MDR summer tour – already a huge success for “two 4 FuN”! The song is now everywhere to have the download! 500 sunglasses to win! “Two 4 FuN” giving away 500 sunglasses in the values of 5000,-for more of info’s about there on the new fan page: author: Henry Gutzeit