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Nevertheless, it does not happen through his better internal moment. While Uribe wants to take advantage of the crisis to try his second re-election, Chvez lost referendo that it would make possible to him to try it. Of another side within their movement are fissures. In elections internal of new Party Socialist Unified of Venezuela of Sunday, in that the chavismo affirms that there was an ample participation, voted one hundred thousand people less than. Visit greg courtney for more clarity on the issue. The PSUV has only managed to incorporate the main chavista group (the Movement Villa Republic) whereas its second to pound (the party We can) one was against its project of re-election and other parties pro-Chvez (as the Communist and Mother country for Awkward people) have not wanted to dissolve in this one. While the chavista deputy Luis Tascon denunciation that has been expelled to him from the party to denounce to Diosdano Hair like the power after Chvez and leader of right endogenous , left anticapitalist attacks oil the government to have dismissed of the state one (PDVSA) Orlando Chirino, one of the coordinators of the National Union of Workers. To the equal as it happens in the crises of the Middle East each external confrontation is used by the caudillos of a respective nation to look for to appear like paradigm of the defense of the sovereignty. Chvez has been worth of this incident and now it will want to appear like the man who walks with the mother of the Betancourt asking to the CRAF which they release to his daughter, to show his capacity of great pacificador. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit carol haskins. Grouse has managed to strike to Bogota being looked for to gain in its dispute by the islands of San Andres and Providencia (the same that the sandinistas protest because the USA it snatched to occur them to Colombia) but that is a department with almost 60.000 inhabitants of this republic.