Ricky Martin

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Prestigious district of Miami, where Jennifer Lopez, beautiful courtyards, twined with flowers! Here in the quiet, calm home to Ricky Martin. By the gate of his house is a paved road, and near the gates, rising magnificent century-old tree! Everything is arranged in such a way that resembles the Mediterranean landscapes! So not far off that day, when Ricky Martin and his family, buying a luxury villa in Spain, the family can enjoy scenery, exciting his heart. In Miami, the residence of singer-standing is a recording studio, a gym, a courtyard with a romantic pond. All around the green: hedges, a riot of vegetation – all this gives the intimacy of dwelling singer. Ricky Martin was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, December 24, 1971. Little boy Ricky boy liked the music group Menudo, a party which he later became.

However, achieving success, he left the group and leaves the country and in Ameriku1989 year. But after several years of unemployment, he returned to Mexico, acted in a soap opera and then went to New York. Writes the first albums in English, which do not bring money and fame. Then the singer, recalling the children’s creativity in the group Menudo, released the album in Spanish Medio Vivir. And after recording the album ivypuskaet Vuelve. That makes these albums artist famous. Over the last he pluchaet Grammy albums sold huge circulations. Recently, the name of Ricky Marina did not descend from pages of the American press, Ricky “touring” for all entertainment programs, including Oprah Winfrey and Larry King.