Russian Federation

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-Improving the system of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel in institutions of post-graduate training, increase control over the preparation of dissertations, a mechanism adaptation of young scientists in the market of scientific and technical products. -Creating the conditions for the strengthening and development of basic scientific research using advanced tech-nologies. Priority support humanitarian university research sector. Expanding the range of applications in the framework of national and regional competitions and programs, especially educational and scientific and methodical. -Expanding the range of applied projects in order to development of unique research methods, the creation of new equipment, materials, organization of production, integration of science university in economic and social space in the regional. -Development of the concept and mechanisms University of innovation policy in the sphere of scientific activity for the full-to-market investments of the productive sector of the economy, both the region and state as a whole. -Maintaining and developing forms of cooperation with research, industry, design and other organizations and enterprises to joint solution of scientific and technological objectives and implementation of scientific developments into production.

-The development of the existing forms scientific co-operation with the management, administration area and the Ukraine. -Extension of scientific, industrial and scientific and pedagogical cooperation with institutions of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. -System Development administrative management of research, optimization of the structure of research teams and research units. -Improvement of structures NEEDS. Creating the conditions for the implementation of the scientific potential of students providing conditions for the preparation of the most talented students to teaching and research activities, creating a system of moral and material incentives for gifted students.

One tool that can efficiency to achieve the above goals and objectives, can act as an automated management information system research activities in higher education. While working on this study analyzed the experiences of different universities of the Russian Federation, in particular: the Moscow State Mining University, Perm-State University, Stavropol State- University;, Syktyvkar State University;, Ufa State Aviation Technical University. For research projects, within the organizational structure university formed an automated management information system research activities in higher education (hereinafter – AISUND) (see Figure 1). Specificity of research projects at the university assumes as basic – matrix management structure (IAS). One characteristic of research projects in higher education is a specific hierarchical structure of management of research activities, in which the head project, as a rule, subject to (permanently or temporarily) to one of the functional managers.