Russian Generator

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Steam generator for a bath – it's the same device that allows you to create the illusion in modern conditions a traditional hammam, Russian banya or Finnish sauna. Steam generator for steam baths fills the room needed density and maintains its desired temperature. It connects to the water and picking up the tank a certain amount of water, heats it to form a pair, who served in the main room. Steam generator for the bath is running on electricity as a regular water heater. Steam generator for bath may have different functions and operating parameters.

They depend mainly on where such equipment is installed. Thus, steam generator for bath – hamam should produce copious pairs at low temperature. Here it is the principal means of creating the right conditions. The sauna, on the contrary, the steam generator for bath acts as a support equipment and should provide a small amount of light steam at high temperature. It is clear that such differences are related to conditions specific to different types of sauna: sauna air is dry and very hot, in Russian bath humidity is higher and the temperature is lower in Turkish (hamam), the humidity reaches 100% and the temperature does not exceed 55 degrees.

That is why the steam bath for most actively used in the construction hamam. It allows you to reach the saturation of air moisture, which is close to natural conditions. In fact, the Turkish bath is always heated by steam generators, but their roles were not modern electrical devices, and cauldrons of boiling water, steam, from which on special channels supplied to the premises. Today, steam baths to often has several modes of operation. This allows you to adjust the temperature and level of vaporization acceptable limits (eg, a hammam can be heated from 35 to 55 degrees with humidity of 80% to 100%). Steam generator for steam bath with a broader spectrum of activity can be used to create a regime of Russian banya, or sauna. Often steam generator for steam bath is equipped with additional features aromatization premises. Essential oils are fed into a special compartment, and then used in the formation of aromatic steam.