Sagrada Familia

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Barcelona is known for its historical background and also for its numerous attractions according to legend founded by the father of Hannibal, Hamilcar Barca, Barcelona. Then, there by the Romans was conquered, then by the Visigoths and then the Vikings dominated. Finally, a titled State of the Government of Barcelona has given stability. Nowadays, Barcelona experienced a large boom. This started after the establishment of the separate province of Catalonia. in 1936, at the time of the world war, Franco the city has been under his dictatorship. All Catalan symbols and also the Catalan language were censored.

After his death, the city began to flourish and prosper. 1992 Barcelona was the venue for the Olympic Games, the city was spacious restored and newly created. At the present time, Barcelona is famous for the international and multicultural character and versatility. During a holiday in Barcelona you should visit following sites: La Rambla: This is a Boulevard linking the West to the East of the city. This street is famous for its tapas bars and the many street artists, can be seen daily. Here also have a market takes place on weekends, where you can find everything from birds to art. La Sagrada Familia: The famous church Gaudi has become Antoni unfinished Barcelona landmark.

Donations she tries to accomplish. For 10 euros entrance, you can admire the Interior of the Church and also climb the towers, from where you have views over Barcelona. “Passeig de Gracia: this Boulevard is also as Chams Elysees” known as there are also very luxurious shops and restaurants. The street is lined with plane and is a well known shopping street. Famous buildings: the Passeig de Gracia the two most famous houses you also Gaudi: Casa Mila (also known as La Pedrera) and the Casa Batllo (this means as much as House from) Bone). Park Guell: The biggest project of Gaudi. In this park, a housing development should arise once. It was designed by Gaudi, but the Park was never used for this purpose with its extreme architecture. Olympic port: For the Olympic Games in 1992 this port was created. Today is the promenade with lots of restaurants and bars to the stroll like used. Perfect Sun travel S.L..