Santa Lucia Beach

2015-11-27 - 15:48 | News |

Having enjoyed the benefits of the Santa Lucia beach, we recommend you continue east. There is a town that if you visit Las Tunas, capital of the province of the same name, founded in 1796. The distance between St. Lucia and Las Tunas is approximately 87 km. Except for some isolated small hills and low altitude, the province is virtually flat. Its population is 527 891 inhabitants. Along the way, if you want to visit a small port on the north coast, take a detour and go to Manatee, being careful not to confuse the town of Port Manatee with the same name. During the trip you can buy fruit.

Remember to check your map. This port is small and located at the mouth of the bay of the same name. Here you can visit the home of Barbarito Diez, called the Golden Voice of Danzon to be the best singer Danzon de Cuba. Here is celebrated the Festival of Music in his honor. El Danzon is one of the traditional rhythms of Cuban music and dancing often in the past. If has a chance, you should hear at least one piece.

There are no hotels in Manati. The bay is of type bag, or narrow outlet to the sea and spacious inside. The road that runs alongside the port is on the west, providing a beautiful view of the same. The initial distance calculated should be added 40 km round trip by visiting the said port. Returning to the main road, you can visit the Cerro de Caisimu camping, a few km of the road that leads to Las Tunas.