School Projects

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Educational establishments have the incumbency to elaborate and to participate of the pedagogical project of the school, as much in its joint and contribution with families and the schools ‘ ‘ creating process of integration of the society with escola’ ‘. (LDB/96 art.12, VI). One more time, the Law leaves explicit the autonomy of the public school, in the diverse activities that assure its integrity, as much in the administrative part as pedagogical, focando always the importance of the participation of the community in the school. ‘ ‘ To collaborate with the activities of joint of the school with the families and comunidade’ ‘. (art.13, item VI). In the same law e15 still presents the following determination in 14 articles, Art.14-Os education systems will define the norms of the democratic management of public education in the basic education, in accordance with its peculiarities and in agreement the following principles: I.Participao of the professionals of the education in the elaboration of the pedagogical project of the school; II.Participao of the communities pertaining to school and local in pertaining to school advice or equivalents. To read more click here: New Jersey Devils Owner. (…) Art.15-Os education systems will assure to the public pertaining to school units of basic education that gradual degrees of pedagogical and administrative autonomy and financial management integrate them, observed the norms of public financial right. In accordance with the norms of the established democratic management in articles, the principles if in such a way relate to the participation in the project pedagogical politician of the school as in any activity equivalent (Advice, APM, Bosom, Meeting of parents and masters, School of the Family, educational Projects), of collective form, enclosing all pertaining to school community and the professionals of the education, leaving of them the commitment and the will to participate of the decisions of the school, that already is an important step in the conquest of a democratic management..