Schreder System

2016-06-16 - 07:57 | News | Tags: , |

Highly efficient energy-saving technology illuminates paths between railway town and Rohrbach and South City total 3.5 km long cycle path links between Europe’s biggest passive house settlement Bahnstadt Heidelberg and Rohrbach and South City will receive an innovative and highly efficient lighting the adjacent districts: a total of 110 LEDs there be used. “The lighting through the tele-management system is still efficient Owlet nightshift of company Schreder: so is demand-led light” possible. Once a cyclist approaching, the lighting is increased light output by around 10% to 100%; as soon as the rider is removed again, the light is dimmed. The area through which runs the cycle path, is a sanctuary for animals that have been relocated due to the railway town,”explained Peter ERB, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Heidelberg environment. Credit: Danny Meyer-2011. With the new bike path lighting, we conserve nocturnal insects and animals. At the same time we guarantee the highest standards for a secure Lighting of the cycle path all evening and night time.” The infrared sensors of the system immediately capture the movement of a user, and then raise the highest programmed lighting level.

The new, needs-adapted system saves up to 70 percent energy compared with conventional lighting. Also, the tele-management system enables an accurate detection, measurement and evaluation of energy consumption. Information on operating conditions with exact time and position are saved continuously during operation; The system alarm reports failures. So, maintenance and repairs can be realised quickly and cost effectively. Stadtwerke Heidelberg starting in early December with the installation of street lighting. End of January 2014 the two bike paths along the entire route with the energy-saving technology will be equipped.