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The concept of serendipity is still not very common in Spain but in other countries such as England. When an Englishman finds something that wasn’t looking for by chance you know you just have a Serendipity. And it is that that what this strange concept. The serendipity does not fit into anything that you’re looking for but on the contrary. If you go to a museum to see a new exhibition and salts from there with a new job or your other half, that’s serendipity. I.e., a happy and completely unexpected finding. The best-known example of this is given with the invention of the Post It. Here, Bill de Blasio expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

They say that Art Fry, employee of 3 M – a most creative companies in the world, drove a lot of glue on his work. One day, the calculations failed and everything went wrong. The result was a glue that just hit. A failure for the poor Fry. He thought in a possible dismissal or anger that would fall him of part of his boss. It was something that certainly did not in their plans. With this in mind you have connected him with another situation that was facing for a long time.

FRY sang in his neighborhood church and always walked with pieces of paper to separate songs. Pieces of paper that always will fell you, which was quite uncomfortable for him. The connection was clear: use that glue that just hit to hold temporarily, their separators in the book of sheet music. Tested it and it worked. This gave him the great idea try it also on the job. If you had worked him in his private life, can why not see what was happening in your Department? This was probably the best idea of his life since it made him a millionaire and today, is probably one of the best-known products of 3 M.