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Recently has been published on the website of the AEPD a much less curious resolution, which underlines the need of 80(3) substantiate the facts and the reasons for which a person believes that you a watchful published information on the Internet against their right to dignity and data protection. The resolution in question is the R/01545/2011. The news that appeared on the Internet referred to the linkage of this particular person with a network of drug trafficking. The hit, which didn’t want the news could be known by the entire population, decided to ask two of seekers of reference, Yahoo and Google, that they proceed to cease in the treatment of your personal data by exercising your right of opposition, or alternatively proceed to cancel your personal data in these search engines. The Agency during 25 sheets is dedicated to legally substantiate if search engines are obliged to meet these requirements as they have establishment or media in the territory of the Spanish State, or community European.

This refers to several resolutions and previous recommendations of the Agency itself, both the Group’s work of article 29, which come to the final conclusion that these two search engines have both establishments in Spain, as media in our territory is used to perform the search, and must therefore fulfill the request of ARCO rights raised them by individuals. It is good news for those who they did not know how to do it, because the response that we have always received from Google is that the parent company is in America, and therefore there is not Spanish legislation. But the Agency goes beyond, and analyzes a requirement that until now had gone unnoticed. The 34th article) of Royal Decree 1720 / 2007 governing the opposition procedure requires that for which this can be seen the following circumstances must be given:-that there is a legitimate and well founded reason. Connect with other leaders such as Danny Meyer here.