Building Make Sick

5 December, 2020 (19:26) | News |

It is more common than people think and certainly anything but a Zivilisationskrank-ness. Watery eyes, respiratory disorders, allergies and fatigue are symptoms observed in common. Recently NY Starbucks sought to clarify these questions. Official statistics talk about 2.2 million victims per year, in Germany alone. Constantly missing roughly 700,000 people in the workplace. This corresponds […]

Diabetes: Sweet And Bitter Truth

13 September, 2020 (02:56) | News |

Diabetes is the third most widespread disease in the world after the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Back in the I century ad Roman physician described the classic symptoms of diabetes: very thirsty, excessive urination, weight loss sometimes at a constant feeling of hunger. In the xvii century, doctors noticed that patients with such […]

Mediterranean Turkey

8 April, 2020 (23:56) | News |

In Turkey is booming medical tourism Turkey has become a very influential country. This applies to the economy, politics and of course tourism. Every year it attracts millions of visitors and tourists in the country on two continents. In the southern Mediterranean region and the metropolis of Istanbul are particularly popular. An estimated 15 million […]

New Diabetes Drug

29 November, 2018 (15:26) | News |

Exenatide once weekly now type 2 diabetes approved for people with type 2 diabetes is available from September 1st 2011 a new treatment option available: Exenatide once weekly (product name Bydureon ). It is the first and only antidiabetic, which is administered only once in a week. Thanks to an innovative technology, which includes the […]

Caucasian Mineral Waters

2 October, 2018 (11:33) | News |

The human race is very fond to curiosities and exotica. Removal of the Iron Curtain, allowing our compatriots to pour waves of overseas resorts, access to which was fairly simple. And yet somehow just forgot about boundless wealth, and our great country all kinds of resort areas, which hardly compares to any other country. None […]

Wellness Vision

11 June, 2018 (15:42) | News |

Slimming style Wellness Vision: Age-old folk tradition of Japan is now helping everybody.” Why the Japanese are very slim nation? Yes, they eat fresh seafood. But most importantly, what they use for centuries with food chitin. Chitin – The main component of crustacean shells. Because Chitosan is a powerful natural sorbent, it helps control weight […]

The Federal Joint Committee

25 March, 2018 (21:26) | News |

How long do this because average? Must they be changed at some point? Answer: Research for this type of restorations indicate an average survival rate of approximately 90% in a period of 15 years. To what extent these restorations again must be replaced, can be judged best during a clinical examination by a dentist. Q: […]

In Hungary

26 July, 2017 (07:56) | News |

The warranty of the creative dental are clinic especially attractive up to 5 years – and for the patients who do decide to substantially perform their treatment here. In the case of a faulty work by the laboratories or dentist dental undertakes creative free to restore tooth replacement or carry out the necessary repairs, and […]

You Can Sponsor A Child Today And Help Save A Life

16 August, 2015 (18:26) | News |

You cannot sponsor a child today and help to save a life should quite a few charitable organizations around the world which are aimed at the reduction of poverty among children.They are often equipped with feeding, education, medication and more however this is not enough even to give them a very bright future, but it […]