British Royal House

10 April, 2019 (06:26) | News |

EP has learned to react to a possible kidnapping, to communicate through signs with their safety and even to lead under pressure. Her husband, Guillermo of England, completed the course with 16 years. Since she became the Duchess of Cambridge, Catalina has had to be exposed to a multitude of people, who mostly come to […]

Security Council

15 July, 2018 (21:26) | News |

He hoped to reach an agreement to respond to the Syrian crackdown. The unique Covenant was proceeding with the talks. The EU and EE UU support condemning the regime of Al-Assad. The UN Security Council kept silent once more on violence in Syria, waiting to reach an agreement on how to respond to the upsurge […]

National Transitional Council

12 July, 2018 (17:56) | News |

I will fulfill with the rights of the Libyan people for the welfare of Libya. I hope that ends the bloodshed, said El Baghdadi. He insisted that he tried to with all efforts to open a national dialogue in which international parties were involved. The Baghdadi believes that stability time has come for Libya. The […]

Thomas Voeckler

12 July, 2018 (04:48) | News |

The next day, the defeated of the Izoard discovered the hidden face of the Galibier, the col cruel that doubled the eve knee, returned to traverse the tunnel, now in race, now on the run, stepped on by land that had never before ventured and transformed a stage that were expected to be quiet until […]

Popular Festival

8 July, 2018 (05:03) | News |

PAULA ARENAS this Friday begins the 70th Edition of the annual celebration bookseller from Madrid. It is the great hope editorial for squaring the bad numbers for the year. This year’s guest country is Germany. It will be the star of the weekend: literature, especially the popular, but also once again and luckily there will […]

Council General

11 June, 2018 (20:18) | News |

The figure increased by 2% in 2010, going from 124.594 to 127.682. Divorces increased 3%, although the number of separations and marriage declared null fell. Andalusia was the region where more couples divorced. The marriage breaks in Spain increased by 2% in 2010 from the previous year, passing from 124.594 to 127.682, which breaks the […]

UN Security Council

7 June, 2018 (13:02) | News |

Gaddafi is history. It is no longer a question of if you will, but when it will. That could take weeks, but it could also be tomorrow, and when you leave, the international community has to be prepared, he emphasized. However, he stressed, NATO has prepared the ground for a political agreement to leave clear […]

How September 11 Changed The Attitude Of Young Americans Of The

10 November, 2017 (17:44) | News |

For those born between 1978 and 2000, September 11 was a defining moment. The attacks in New York have had the same significance that in its day was the attack on Pearl Habor or the Kennedy assassination. It is a more tolerant generation and greater ethnic and cultural diversity in the history of EE UU. […]

Entrepreneurs Ask For Elections

25 March, 2017 (19:03) | News |

Spanish entrepreneurs do not see that the economy will improve and believe that the Government’s economic policy is far from being adequate. His pessimism about the strength of recovery leads them to ask the President of the Government that does not exhaust the current legislature. They understand that early general elections – initially scheduled for […]