Buenos Aires

31 March, 2019 (19:12) | News |

I finish returning from a long trip by the interior of my beautiful Argentina, a trip that I did of the hand of Despegar.com and thanks to its low prices. There am shortage one of the wonders that hides to that country and djenme to say to them, the Argentineans we have much more than […]

Greater Challenge

31 March, 2019 (13:56) | News |

It is easy to notice as the habits are molding our life, for example when we got used to rising to certain hour, normally we awoke without needing a programmed clock, is not in all the cases, but what it is demonstrated it is that the body adapts to different needs, the feeding, sleeping, and […]

The Samaritan

29 March, 2019 (15:52) | News |

Mateo 7:21 23 This rejection, hard rejection, that Jesus demonstrates, by that their lessons interpret as if these were a legacy, something congealed in the time, that needs necessarily, to be subject to the changes that the evolution of the human thought has had throughout centuries, these inconsultos usurpers, if on them it depended, to […]

Diomedes San

29 March, 2019 (15:52) | News |

Our sufferings are kind caresses of God, calling to us so that we become to Him, and to make us recognize that we are not those that we controlled our lives, but is God that the control has, and we can trust Him totally. Maria Teresa de Calculta With the commitment to visit the place […]

Hctor Subirats Quot

28 March, 2019 (17:56) | News |

Since many have indicated, a reason to hoard a scene of spiteful and vindictive hatred, is that instead of to undergo the pain the victimizacin, the person who hates she undergoes the force of his rage and the pleasure of his possible final triumph. It is clear, then, that hatred is a passion by the […]

Bottomless Ocean

28 March, 2019 (17:56) | News |

Not desmaye in reinitiating its reading so many times as considers for its understanding and &quot necessary; Aplicacin". There are some who instead of to wish a society in which it is attainable and necessary to work arduously to make our opportunities effective, they idealizan a satisfaction world, a monstrous one room-cradles passively of received […]


28 March, 2019 (09:29) | News |

If constantly you realise your very simple life, you repeat the same things and action every day, and always realise few funny things with your pair, perhaps it becomes bored and loses the emotion that felt when they knew themselves or when just they began his relation. Now it is important to know how to […]

Penal Special Part

25 March, 2019 (09:02) | News |

Also, present is due to have that in the crime of illicit appropriation a transference of the patrimony of the passive subject in favor of the subject assets is realised respectively, implying a decline and 9 an economic benefit ; in addition that is not enough the retention of or, on which weighs the obligation […]

Natural Aid Stimuli

22 February, 2019 (08:02) | News |

The concentration is one of the mental tools of greater reach to our disposition – but few people really know to use it to their maximum capacity. Essentially, the concentration is the capacity to focus attention on a present task, whereas it blocks another distraction or stimuli without relation. This includes the insignificant sounds, entrance […]

Ideal Goal Conditions

18 February, 2019 (08:18) | News |

One of greatest desires in our life is to be able to take control in the activities that we realised, for example an ideal situation is that everything happened according to our conscious desires and that is possible, although that can take some time, but we can activate an enormous one to be able in […]