Tales And Philosophy

2018-05-10 - 03:18 | News | Tags: , |

Fairy tales – for centuries the most valuable information gained, lifting the present understanding of the philosophical problems of the world. Tales of amusing, touching tales, fairy tales captivate. Philosophical tales for children – a necessary element child rearing, they tell him in simple terms of life, teach, illuminate the problems of good and evil, show a way out of difficult situations. Fairy tales – the language of children, for them it is most informative, than adult speech. In recent months, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has been very successful. Therefore, if we adults want to help, to explain, support, discover something to your child, you must re-learn the forgotten children's language – a fairy tale. Fairy tales are very important in everyone's life. First of all, fairy tales and understandable to adults and children, and in addition, keep many stories the moral tenets and transfer them from heart to heart. Philosophical Tales form in children and even adults bases of behavior and communication, teach perseverance, patience, ability to set goals and go to him.

Reading fairy tales, children accumulate in the subconscious mechanisms for addressing life situations, which are activated when necessary. Tale develops imagination, creativity, imagination and empathy. Wise philosophical stories are written not only for children but for adults, which remained the children's soul, not crushed by the burdens of adulthood. As in the good old days when there was no radio, no television, adults reading to children the good fairy tales, introducing their children to adulthood with the help and protection of magical powers. Most of the tales is devoted to wildlife.