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This was the starting point for further research. Similar studies were conducted in the U.S. and China. It was developed a number of options for artificial muscles that respond to electricity. But there was many limitations with disabilities, such as a weak response, the work in the fluid, the instability effect. This work is interested in our domestic experts from the Moscow Scientific-Technical Center. They are based on models already developed by other companies of different polymers, we decided to make a synthesis and improve overall performance and characteristics of polymers. The experimental sample eleknromyshtsi in appearance more closely resembles film than the organic tissue.

In the original state muscle in a stretched position, as an ordinary piece of plate, and feed on him in a small voltage is compressed. Energy costs minimal, since the main expense is not a job, but only to change the properties (structure) of the substance. At the core of this innovation with such properties is a combination of conductive and non-conductive polymers. The last of these products is quite amazing what can work in a fairly harsh environment, maintaining the temperature of liquid nitrogen (-196 deg.) Melted and the chromium (about 1600 deg.). Still has the ability to contract for 40,000% per second. For comparison, a typical human muscle, over the same time, reduced only by 10%. Also, you can add to the merits of that work itself can easily manage and deploy very precise values of its reduction. Well, with regard to size, so this too will be no problems because this system can do very little, and quite large. Variants of this invention very much, and though you yourself can come up with many uses. So, we expect our scientists are ready version of this elektromyshtsy and hope for the great success of this development in the future.