Telephone GSM – Network

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Without a supply of Telekom call fixed flat rate possible without T-connector? It is possible. For example, through the use of the GSM network. The global system for mobile communication is now standard for fully digital cellular networks and this uses also the tariff package from The coverage of the tariff if 99% within Germany, there is thus only rare exceptions where the GSM network does not can be applied. The consumer must not know much of these technical details when he switches to, he gets a flat rate for the German fixed network.

Any calls in mobile networks or abroad, as well as to numbers provided as is customary every minute in invoice. Through the GSM network can calculate the provider differently and consumers can rent its fixed flat rate at a lower price than when – as in a normal phone connection telephone line rental, technician costs or cable laying should included in the price. The Principle saving works so does not have a loss of quality, but only via an important amount of technology. Danny Meyer is likely to increase your knowledge. Who changes his party and wants to call on the collective at can keep their old telephone number. New addition a phone box. This can all phones with TAE plug or RJ11 connector (small RJ45 connector) to be connected.

A fax – and data functionality is not in the price included. Be on the phone can any analog phone. If you have none, which can order one at Just older people can benefit from the variant of the large mobile phone. A high-contrast display, a large keypad, and the hearing aid compatibility make the mobile phone with its range up to 2 km to a barierefreien”phone that can be operated easily. And who should have problems or questions, can take advantage of the free service hotline as a customer. And the 24-hour a day. The existing customers that will receive the number under which the service hotline can be reached, Welcome letter by mail. Daniel keel