The American Dream

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Chic, emphasizing the dazzling beauty of every woman, its first-class taste and refinement – it's the American dream, which is often associated with the label and the American Legend mink Blackglama. The company originated in the 20s of last century, in times of universal accessibility and popularity of fur. Unfortunately, the economy after the war changed the direction of the global fashion industry. America could no longer rely solely on Europe, and this has led to independent construction of fashion trends. Mink has always been and remains a feature of American products – mink is the standard of the best quality, beauty and affluence. The best furs were issued under brand EMBA, which later grew into a world-renowned company American Legend. 1968 saw the birth of a brand Blackglama. His appearance was the result of calling promotion American Legend, which was the slogan, "What becomes a legend most?".

A major advertising agency headed by Jane Trehi with an office in New York took over the management of the advertising project. Jane came up with the name Trehi Blackglama, not what is happening in the name of the designer, as is often the case, and the brand Manufacturer skins. Black means 'black' and GLMA comes from the acronym of the Association of Great Lakes Mink (GLMA). This association consisted of 400 farmers who supplied each year more than 30,000 minks. Two years after the start of a brand Blackglama associated with the most prestigious black mink around the world – the campaign has made rapid Jane Trehi stunning effect. The advertising campaign consisted of many promotions, each with its own face.

Models for surveys selected only the most famous and relevant persons. About forty people participated in the famous ad campaign in the history of Blackglama brand. Among the participants – Catherine Deneuve, Elizabeth Taylor, and Luciano Pavarotti. Catalogue fur American Legend, in which each new collection differs from the previous season, could be used as a primer in the history of the fur. Blackglama new faces have recently Cindy Crawford, Julia Stegner, Hana Sukupova. In last year of the twentieth century, American Legend company takes a step towards the youth, saying that mink Blackglama – is not only chic coats, but also bright and stylish accessories. Enter the market denim dresses, sweaters and jackets with fur trim mink. American Legend mink retains loyalty Blackglama, in spite of different treatments – dyeing, gruving, drawing a picture, and others. Thanks to its magnificent black fur, soft and dense podpushku, absolutely flat length hair and extraordinary softness Blackglama mink is the standard around the world.