The Central Park Zoo

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In many stores there, you expect incredible bargains or even exciting designer pieces at expensive boutiques. Here trendy bars and fine restaurants line up seamlessly alongside art cafes with a more down-to-Earth atmosphere. You should have seen also the West Village. With its streets of cobblestone, the Italian brown stone houses and the neo-classical town houses, it was for many years the focal point of New York artists and writers. The Central Park Zoo is a popular destination, especially for families. If you spend a day in Central Park, bored to, because there are numerous leisure activities.

There are low-cost bicycle rental, which is downright explored this vast and beautiful city park on the saddle of a wire donkey? In addition, there is still a boat rental service, an outdoor swimming pool, horse-drawn carriages and an army of musicians and street performers. In one You will find also a list of the many museums that has to offer New York ordinary travel guide. To the best of the best, the Museum of modern is undoubtedly one way in which visitors can discover an incredibly huge collection with works of modern art, painting, and design from the late nineteenth century up to the present day to. There is also the American Museum of natural history, which houses the history and the evolution of Earth is under the umbrella of an architectural extremely impressive building from the nineteenth century and an incredible collection, at the sight of the breath enters a stalled.