The Competitors

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A cost of the image is a cost that always must be considered, either it of a specific area or the company as a whole. Another important point in not becoming planning is the fact of not stipulating goals to be reached. The fact of not having definite goals generates what I consider the biggest cost for a company, who is & ldquo; cost of the work without controle& rdquo;. We cannot consider the delivery of the product or service to the customer as goal. This delivery is obligation.

The goal goes very beyond what simply to deliver something to the customer. The goal is something that must be challenging and folloied through pointers, that could only be visualized of consistent form if the processes will be standardized and under control. The costs of the not-planning contemplate all the involved costs in the production of one determined or service well. Of this form, the lack of a good planning provokes a effect & ldquo; cascata& rdquo; in the productive sector, generating incalculable losses, since, producing without control of the costs, the company loses yield and competitiveness front to the competitors. I believe that, other costs exist many to be considered for the not-planning, however, I consider that described costs above enclose in its context, the great majority. Considering that, in the current days the determination of the price of a product or service is dictated by the market and not more for the companies, and that to reach better financial results without having that to increase the final price of the product or service, the companies would have to look at carefully for its costs, but all they, also of the not-planning.