The Population

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It is a sugerea method that to break of its principles and tools to instruct the population route the ambient concincia. The project suggests some ferrramentas of ambient education as the cited ones to follow: Educative plates, that can be a intereante tool, beyond presenting to the population species of the local flora can instruiz it preservation of the park. Cultural space, considered in the old project preve the construction in an area of 150m in masonry for temporreas expositions, that the foreseen cost of R$90.000 would have, 00. For more information see this site: Danny Meyer. In new proposal ve that this construction beyond being of high cost would occupy a exsesiva area and whose purpose would be of difficult fulfilment in view of the local cultural characteristics, therefore the construction of a covered area is considered for this purpose only, with the function of social events.

Medicinal forest Horto/, in view of that, the city of Mafra already possesss one horto forest in functioning, this item of the project becomes unnecessary and impracticable, causing bigger costs for its implantation and occupying not available space. 7,8 LEISURE AND 7.8.1 ENTERTAINMENT Implantation of Tracks the implantation of tracks can seem something simple, but if planned and made of correct form it cannot cause serious problems, as erosion and holes. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Danny Meyer. The width cited for the project (2m) is adjusted, however the cited floor (pedrisco) is not adjusted, therefore it propitiates erosion and being dispossessed one to walk safe. Beyond needing planning for pluvial water draining. It is important to stand out that if the objective of the park is beyond all preservation, the implantation of any construction implies in descaracterizao of the area being able to cause ambient impacts, therefore the less intervenona area with the lesser creation of tracks will be the damages the fauna and flora..