The Pot

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Devoted morning to do chores, and by noon, began to prepare. The first thing I did was put pan into the fire, then threw a little oil and then a few vegetables from the garden. And waited a bit to be well browned before putting the fish. a "This will be yummy! a "he exclaimed as he left the pot on the fire by chup-chup. But few minutes later, when I was setting the table, the blind man began to notice a really weird smell. a "What is that smell so weird? a "was asked while trying to locate opening and closing the nostrils ". Where do you come? The blind man put his nose in every corner of the unfinished house to locate. Meanwhile, pain became increasingly unbearable.

After walking through every room, the blind man walked into the kitchen and saw with surprise that the smell came from inside the saucepan. a "What a strange thing? a "He said since it put the nose just above the pot ". Yes, yes, no doubt, the smell comes out of here the nose went blind increasingly unable to let go to see the thick smoke pot. And both came to finally delve into the eyes. Agood, do not see how they itched! The poor man fell down a few tears enormous cheeks. But what I never could imagine is that, when he managed to open them again, his eyes saw them again. a "Aveo! a " yelled overjoyed.