The Purposes

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Simply, it remembers that: or The texts in the titles, marked with the labels, and the expressions in bold are interpreted like of maximum importance, as well as the dominion and composition of the URL. Handling or these markers, Google will interpret without problems to what its text talks about, or, which is the emphasis that you want to give to him. or Google interprets synonymous. If its text well is rankeado, and is highly pertinent, also it will leave listing in searches similar to those his key words. That is to say, if it speaks than it means to live in Norway, and their texts either are constructed, surely will leave or positioned for other similar searches, like the life in Norway .

Hidden text. It is not worth the pain. If their pages have more than 200/300 words, Google already has a clear idea than you mean. Redireccionamientos. Another completely useless action. Is to create one home to hiper optimized for Google, but that automatically redirects to main destined one the users.

This is not necessary, since if optimizes all the pages of its Web, it populates and them with excellent texts, interesting and novel, as much Google as their visitors will be satisfied. Possibly this is the technique more penalized by Google. To this technique the flame also cloacking. As much it displeases to Google, that this motor of searches invites the navigators to denounce this type of sites. Fictitious networks of links . It consists of creating several sites, for the purposes of to push or to promote in particular to one. Not to fall to prohibited techniques, it is necessary that several conditions are fulfilled: or That each Web site has unique content, that is to say that are not duplicated sites or That links contributes value to the users or That each one of the pages of the site satellite not linkee to the page that is desired to promote It is clear, then, that great amount of strategies of positioning that can be used, without needing falling to prohibited techniques exists, that they give by earth with all our efforts. If it has liked this post and it wants to place it in its site, can do it without disadvantages, as long as it mentions like source to