The Samaritan

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Mateo 7:21 23 This rejection, hard rejection, that Jesus demonstrates, by that their lessons interpret as if these were a legacy, something congealed in the time, that needs necessarily, to be subject to the changes that the evolution of the human thought has had throughout centuries, these inconsultos usurpers, if on them it depended, to him would maintain nailed in the cross; they need his image and influences, but its presence inconveniences to them tremendously. The writings tell us, that leaving Jesus, of Judea course to Galilea, it decided to do this trip happening directly through Samaria; it comes to the case of remembering, that the Jews despised to the Samaritan ones, such point, that they preferred to realise a long roundup, not to step on Samaritan earth, in his trips from Judea to Galilea. The story says the following thing to us: Vino, then, to a city of called Samaria Sicar, you inherit next to it that Jacob gave to his son Jose. And it was the well of Jacob there. Then Jesus, tired of the way, sat down thus next to the well. He was like the hour sixth. – hour that indicated noon A woman came from Samaria to remove water; and Jesus said to him: Dame to drink.

Then their disciples had been going to the city to buy to eat. The Samaritan woman said to him: How you, being Jewish, ask to me to drink, who I am Samaritan woman? Because Jewish and Samaritan they do not treat to each other. Jesus responded and he said to him: If you knew the gift God, and who is the one that says to you: Dame to drink; you would ask to him, and he would give alive water you.