The Sculpture

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Initially, the sculpture had as purpose the ornamentao of public ways, churches, cemetaries, and faades in public and particular building as it is the case of Pellets, where if they had produced, in the end of the century XIX, greco-roman statues of deuses and heroes as Zeus, Press, Afrodite, Netuno and Diana, as the ones that would come to be practised in Porto Alegre in the first decades of century XX. The sculpture also served to represent economic activities, commerce, agriculture, industry, justice, medicine, as well as the muses that inspired to the arts and sciences. On the other hand, Native of Damascus assures that ‘ ‘ the sculptor who, with the eyes directed toward the cemetary, if did not become marble worker, hardly here if manteria’ ‘. The ones that did not make it started to give art lessons. However it fits to stand out that in the produced cemiterial sculpture in the atelis, the copy of European models was common and many of the executors were craftsmen, therefore dominated making technician, but they were not creative.