The Shades

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The man to whom he was freed first of its chains would feel pain in his eyes could not see what before he saw, that is to say the shades, and he would refuse to admit that the objects that produced the shades are more real than the same shades. And, if it were commited to him to fix his seen to the same light that it penetrates in the cavern would be dazzled and confused. If you have read about Rudy Giuliani already – you may have come to the same conclusion. If it began to cross the steep way towards the outside of the cavern its doubts and malaise they would increase and already outside the same it says Plato to us who would need to get used to be able to get to see the things of above. Entrara an adaptation process, first would see shades, soon images reflected in waters and later the same objects until getting to have the capacity to directly watch the sun. With this allegory Plato it describes a reality at the same time to us interior. The cavern is within we ourself, is the scene where the life of the common man is developed.

It is the world of shades in which we lived and that we took by real within our captivity. According to Plato the cavern is the sensible world and the captive is the human soul that has the capacity to cross the steep footpath towards the light. He introduces us to Plato in the symbolism of all the previous one. The cavern says to us, is the sensible world, that is to say what we caught with our physical senses and that for the common man it constitutes the reality. It is the scope of the matter, our possessions, works, preoccupations, pleasures etc. Is east world that we see like external but that really we took inside, a world in which only is a tenuous brilliance of the authentic Light that is outside.