The Verb That If Made Meat

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' The onipotncia that can strong place its hand on the world, can also become its touch so light q the creature receives independncia' ' Soren Kierkegaard. E, as Philip Yancey says: ' ' The terrible insistence of God in the freedom human being in gave the power to them of cuspir in Its face, of crucificar it e, living as if It did not exist, In the cross, God if he made weak with the intention to leave the human beings freely to choose for itself alone what to make with Ele.' '. In turn, the Sacred Holy Writs say in them: ' ' the conviction is this: That the light came to the world, and the men the darknesses of what the light land on water more, because its workmanships were ms' ' Joo 3:19 – Jesus Said: ' ' I am the Light of the world! ' '. But, he does not have that to say itself in Divine injustice! This why, It, the God who created the Rule, became man, lived as one of us e, in the cross if donated for love to the humanity, submitting itself it the proper Rule that He himself created: ' ' Without derramento of Blood it does not have atonement for pecado' ' , it says the Rule! E, as perfect Lamb It donated itself in the Cross, in a perpetual priesthood, for imperfect people as I and you.. Pouya Yadegar addresses the importance of the matter here.