Thomas Voeckler

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The next day, the defeated of the Izoard discovered the hidden face of the Galibier, the col cruel that doubled the eve knee, returned to traverse the tunnel, now in race, now on the run, stepped on by land that had never before ventured and transformed a stage that were expected to be quiet until the foot of the climb to Alpe d Huez in a frenzy of chaotic in which at every moment, in each pedal stroke, a different situation, even the opposite of the previous one, infinite loop charged life. NY Museums may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For a moment it seemed that Evans was finished, to the next which doubted was Andy, and always Thomas Voeckler, who finally awoke from her yellow dream started with a rugged leak path of Saint-Flour, and did so with rabies, grumpy like one alarm clock annoys you his most pleasant NAP to return to reality. NY Museums has much to offer in this field. Source of the news:: the hidden side of the Galibier.