Tribulus Terrestris Extract

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The one sexual enhancer is the other in strength and muscle training Tribulus terrestris (micro nutrient combination) for bodybuilders and strength athletes a good source of key nutrients that are important for the production of testosterone. If you regularly take Tribulus, testosterone levels rises after only 4-5 days to 50-70 percent. As a result, it promotes muscle protein synthesis, so and prevents muscle breakdown. It also means encouraging the regeneration of the body. ubertrainierte athletes with to niedigem levels of testosterone should hope but not much of the muscle growth. Tribulus terrestris is used in the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

This active ingredient increases at regular income, the sperm count and their mobility. This is done as a result of increased production of LH (luteinizing hormone), which signals the body How much testosterone is necessary. Parallel is also the cholesterol reduced and offset the entire immune system. This Plant active ingredient acts differently than the synthetic hormone. He stimulates hormone production and caused no side effects in muscle growth.

If you take a Tribulus terrestris in conjunction with creatine, its effect is especially effective. The ideal formula for improving strength and muscle growth is thus given the athletes. What is Tribulus? You can win Tribulus from Tribulus terrestris (herb), a medicinal plant, which is found in Eastern Europe, India and Africa. Since it was deployed already as a remedy for specific disorders, such as infertility, impotence, muscle wasting, edema, heart and kidney disease when problems with the Leber.Dabei, this is a natural, based not on hormones, nutritional supplements. How does Tribulus? Contain as the active ingredient, phytochemicals, called the saponins in Tribulus is are. They are soluble in water and main active ingredient is a compound that is similar to the steroid Protodioscin-. By Tribulus stimulates the pituitary gland, and the secretion of LH causes what after stretches – the testosterone production in men, testosterone levels will and increased in women of the progesterone levels. Anders at anabolic steroids is Tribulus production not suppress endogenous testosterone as promoted. It should stimulate the activity of the heart muscle, an antibacterial effect and is therefore used in treatment of inflammations and fungal diseases. It will also prevent the formation of kidney stones and strengthen the red and white blood cells (immune system). You can not forget the special effect of Tribulus terrestris extract (an improvement of sexual function), because regular use of Tribulus terrestris extract up to 1000 mg increased (as the tests show) clear about 30 to 70 days the testosterone levels in men. This means: a boost in libido, better sperm formation and stronger erection. For women taking Tribulus can be recommended, because not only the fertility, libido and general power be increased but also hypoactive sexual desire disorder will be reduced.Tribulus, a herbal alternative with target muscle building anabolic, synthetic substances, has no side effects and with all these positive effects should be for any athlete.