Types Of Fasteners

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Connection ducts of the separate parts and components is carried out in various ways. The most common are fasteners with flanged and wafer compounds ducts. When flanged connections are air between the metallic flanges should be routed sealing material – rubber, bundles of various types of cardboard, asbestos and lead. etc. Then in the drilled holes in the flanges inserted fasteners – bolts and tighten nuts. Wafer connection ducts are used most widely, due to a decrease in labor costs per connection, compared with a flange, as well as significant savings in metal. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bill de Blasio.

For wafer include compounds of round duct in bandages and heat-shrinkable sealing cuffs stum and square on the rail. Wafer connection round duct diameter 100-700 mm is carried out on bandages from sheet steel. The bandage is put on tee-section duct with flanged ends. At the ends of the tie is welded Ny gons with holes. Pulling the tie with clamps or fiksatornogo key in the hole gons insert screws and tighten them, after which the clamp or remove the key. Duct diameter of 100-1800 mm bandages are made of two halves by stamping. To compound was sealed top tie filled with cement. The compounds of the asbestos air ducts or pipes serve to funnel or muf max method strand of hemp soaked in casein-cement mortar. Joints After curing paste over fiberglass. Duct connection and mounting details to them by welding is used very rarely, so how to apply these welded joints eliminates the maintainability of the duct.