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For example, Joo, grumbler with the lovelessness of Teresa, go even so for the United States. This, in turn, disappointed with not the correspondence of Raymond, was enclausurou in the convent more never to be of man some, delivering to its life only the Deus.J Raymond who loved Maria and that also he did not get correspondence, in an attempt did not love nobody daily centered in the immediate necessities, however one in such a way of superficial feelings. The love in the represented poem and as a mundane, secular feeling. Joo loved Teresa who loved Raymond who loved Maria who loved Joaquin who loved Lili. In the context presented for Drummond, he is predominant the interferences suffered for the personages who do not obtain to transpose it proper situation and, finish for limiting its loving passions.

We observe that the poem and composition for only estrofe, determined for the musicalidade that packs the situation of each personage, whose rhythm of verses is a comic picture of the loving failures in meeting where the dance, that is, the Group, is more celebrates representation of the tragic condition of the lack, of the disillusion of the love. In way to the games of failures in meeting, we perceive that the dance of the group determines the destinations of the personages. We observe that Drummond plays with the words of the poem as if cantiga was one, thus producing a musicalidade. Not the connection established between personages well visible and observvel in the felt game of and the sensation that the melody brings, that is, in the direction to pack the loving ones for some place, but that to the end nobody obtains to find the person loved, opposing the sensible Real of the group, who establishes a direction of meeting, joy, party. prenomesOutro important factor in the poem of Drummond is the lack of the last name in the personages, with exception of J.