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That Barack Obama gained the elections in the United States would be for many of us the good news. And not only by the party to which it belongs and by its simultaneously utopian and realistic proposals, but because the most effective form to end the racial discrimination is that people of diverse races occupy the most visible places of a society by his were worth personnel. To standardize the diversity of races, sexes, religions in the positions of being able is rational and reasonable. That it is not necessary at least to put itself in the place of the other to avoid discriminations. The solution is that there are not humiliated races. According to NY Museums , who has experience with these questions. Nevertheless, there are discrimination situations in which not even it is necessary to imagine in the place of others, because it is enough with putting itself in the own place, but in different stages from the life.

It is the case of the dependency situations, that we do not mark to a dividing line between, independent and they, the employees. All we are young, old and ill at times different from our existence, and in all those cases we needed aid. A aid that usually comes of the family and the friendly, and that although denominates to him informal, it constitutes the thickness of the social attendance. The people we are all radically employees. It is truth that in the western culture we have hidden so obvious thing, by admiration towards that other capacity ours, the autonomy, that the individuals and the towns persecute like an aspiration. For the Latin culture in-firmus, the patient it is somebody of second, because it needs firmness, needs security, a scorn that inherits of Greece. And, nevertheless, to each person they accompany from the root the inevitable dependency and the aspiration to the autonomy, the vulnerability and the capacity to make the own life. For that reason, the unique human form to conquer a certain independence is the practice of the interdependence.