Untimely Feeling

2023-06-04 - 19:02 | News |

Not leave you amaze me with and talk to you! Change the tone of my voice is as you describe it! Sweet, true, eternal returns to the tell that you like to listen to you! Freezes my senses is as if my body does not intend to do so, if it is not to the rhythm of your voice. As with think of yourself! Life becomes faster the days turn into months and me is so near what was once for my so far… To know more about this subject visit Bill de Blasio. As with love! Dreams can make them reality the impossible them I want to achieve the finite change to eternal can get peace and love in my life as with adore you! See it clearer all sorry sweeter all the dark acid it see it with love where there may only be hate change bad so good so just be your same as with love! I love you..and not only of words because the end words are air…and to the air again I love you…facts and feelings because that is in your heart…i in the Mio share something in common apart from love and we have each half half of the heart of another. As to mention you! I feel with so much strength to move forward may be strong in some vicissitudes Amor Mio but in the distance, is something that I can not dominate not live without the instructions of your heart No me is easy to imagine this momentary life as with dream of you are my hands that alter the air imagining that them you are you are my eyes that wander the sky longing for a cloud you find you your am I that!! placed a photo of you in every corner of this room… As with A honest me because I know that it is you whom I can not cheat because you know when my heart is silent to my mouth and transposes its vitality toward power function talk because I was that lies, in my life do not fit because first and foremost is my heart which tea loves a pure heart that is just knowing this beautiful feeling original author and source of the article!!