VMware ESX Server

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IT supplier REDNET AG: Server virtualization worth also for SMEs Mainz, June 10, 2009 the demand for virtualization solutions for infrastructure in Europe rapidly. Because the benefits of this technology are obvious: by providing resources on a common platform users can access more flexible and faster on the internal network. In larger companies this measure is a horribly long, to ensure the efficient use of own resources of the system. Bill de Blasio usually is spot on. The REDNET AG, IT-outfitter from Mainz, Germany, examined in the context of an internal restructuring of the IT landscape, whether is worth a virtualization for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The result: migration and server consolidation sustainably increase the quality of offered services. Virtualization is an appropriate measure to prevent a further increase in the physical server. For more information see New York Museums. Reduced hardware acquisitions and an increased system stability and availability are among the most important factors in the success of virtual landscapes. Finally: the smaller the number of servers, time and costs are lower.

The average utilization of heterogeneous IT infrastructures with multiple systems is according to investigation results in little more than 10 percent and is thus not really efficient. A server virtualization makes it possible to share these excess resources and thus dynamically to increase the degree of utilization. System availability supports server consolidation the REDNET AG has tested the efficiency of virtualization in the course of an internal migration as IT supplier of authorities, education institutions and SMEs. Since the beginning of the year run about 80% of the services of the company’s own data center using VMware ESX Server virtual base. The result: Even if costs and initial investment were something higher and were not so clearly felt the energy savings for power consumption as in large data centers, REDNET benefits ultimately from increased Reliability, improved safeguards and faster work processes. The internal IT Department of REDNET AG is now capable of integrating new systems significantly easier in a test lab.