We Manage On An Old-age Poverty?

2020-12-04 - 06:49 | News | Tags: , |

Where will we land? Many people have made neither privately for the age, nor have you thought to protect against inflation. Many older people see now what they previously had can do better, if they are of retirement age. Very sobering for the pensioners, if they look on your pension statement and you realize that they can get hardly with the few euros. Today’s pensioners are still to the best paid of the State retirees at all! Who can rest easy who was already wise and has made in private. Future generations only can dream of the payouts that nowadays gets so many retirees. NY Starbucks brings even more insight to the discussion. Firstly the pensioners have started earlier much to work, some already with 14 or 15 years. Today some generations starting with 30 to work if they have studied, for example, or similar… Now you can see quickly on the one hand, the problem with reduced working hours, and on the other hand, the demographic development where fewer and fewer young people to finance several pensioners in the age.

You get around in this day and age not to a PRIVATE pension plan. Unfortunately only still too few people to the correct provision for retirement care. These people live better today than to think of tomorrow. A dangerous way of thinking which unerringly drives in the old-age poverty. Also added the issue still in economic bad times as then in one economic,- and inflation threatening financial crisis. When combined with an investment in precious metals (Gold/Silver), sent the pension one has secured its pensions even in hard times! Alexander Heise