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Slimming style Wellness Vision: Age-old folk tradition of Japan is now helping everybody.” Why the Japanese are very slim nation? Yes, they eat fresh seafood. But most importantly, what they use for centuries with food chitin. Chitin – The main component of crustacean shells. Because Chitosan is a powerful natural sorbent, it helps control weight and promotes weight loss. How does this happen? Chitosan – chitin in its pure form. It is a natural source of dietary fiber and fiber are not digested in the stomach and intestines, and is a biological filter. It lies within the enterosorbent. These substances are able to rid the body of harmful substances.

Unlike fiber and other sorbents of natural origin, chitosan works more efficiently due to its unique molecular structure. Once in the body chitosan attracts lipids, connecting them, makes unavailable for digestion, and leads them out of the body. So fat is not delayed. Scientists call chitosan – a magnet for fat. ” Chitosan itself contains no calories. It is important that the output of fat from food will intensify the process of energy production from an existing body fat by promoting natural weight loss and figure correction without loss of muscle mass. Chitosan gently regulates metabolism.