Wolfgang Schwalm

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Just as ducks, geese and chickens, etc build their nests: round. The East West and North South streets were created in the United States. This reflects the attitude of the freedom-loving pioneers today by the ‘go west’. Click NY Museums to learn more. This can be especially good on the New Yorker See Manhattan. In urban development, the German greeting behavior and the American desire for freedom are back. Because of this different mentality, the new Americans emigrated after all. You no longer endured the German narrowness: modernists (United States) against traditionalists (D). “In another article I pointed out already the different management styles: German managers love control, criticism and correction for the homogeneous German positively neurotic control freaks in the management (Guide cultures): I must (16 hours) Office, without me, my company is not running!” German managers still think they might demand only by their employees what they can: control, image, here are the heads of figurative before its employees.

The self satisfaction of own labour needs and the employment (management rather than design) even customer independence! And the whip (threats and punishment, fear as corporate climate) on the ass of ass. American managers heterogeneous specialists to flock and regulate the internal cooperation and the integration of the market. Here, the chiefs are figuratively behind its employees. The company runs without me! The customer benefits and the employees-self motivation are the basis of drive energy. Like the carrot on a stick as an incentive before the donkey. We all know what principle is innovative! At the end of even the five conditions for a successful open space technology meeting: A concrete question. A high degree of complexity. persitat with regard to the parties involved and their views. Real passion and possibly real conflicts. A problem that would have been the best yesterday already solved. Source, (C) by: Harrison Owen; Open space technology, 2nd Edition Copyright 2012 by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved!