Month: May, 2014

New York

30 May, 2014 (12:41) | News |

The Brazilian government comes implementing some lines of direction in the economic policy that, that shy and exactly insufficient, they have stimulated the exportation and the internationalization of the biggest Brazilian companies. The increase in the credit facilities of financing to the exportation through the BNDES and of the Bank of Brazil, as well as […]

Antonieta Maria

29 May, 2014 (06:26) | News |

She congregates some units in red books of hard layer, with great, simply PRETTY golden letters! They seemed princess books! I do not remember as or why one day my father brought one of those jewels for our house. My God! I passed years reading and rereading it! I knew through it Bach, Lizt, Mozart, […]

Alcina Franch

27 May, 2014 (16:18) | News |

In this language are given regular orders of items such as: Stephen bought a car bought a car Esteban Esteban A car bought Properties subject noun phrase in the same series are Charles Edward Keenan properties proposed in the definition of the subject, among them are: The entity to which an individual referred to […]

Harvard Business School

25 May, 2014 (04:56) | News |

And the industry today no longer need what was required 100 years ago. Rudy Giuliani is likely to agree. Some years ago, Harvard Business School listed 10 skills that students should master in order to be well prepared for the challenges of the new global economy: 1.-the ability to define a problem without the help […]